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Monday, February 28, 2011

Same old thing - different day - What about Drillbilly John recipes? by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber.

Tired of the same old thing every day for dinner?  There are ways around that.  We got to a point where anything that had to be cooked was out.  Anything too complex was out.  Today, someone had a great idea - establishing food pairs, but these were food pairs that were part of a grocery store contest for housewives. I had to adjust to food that was prepared in a gourmet way to food that was nutritious, edible, and am in the same lifestyle as many people thanks to the recession, USA crisises, and mobility.   What folks like the Rachel Ray Show do not understand is that many people just love complicated gourmet foods, Continued problems made people 'get simple' a long time ago.  What about simple meals that require no cooking with only a few ingredients? 

This week:   Pickled cauliflower - made from pickle juice left over after purchasing the pickled vegetables.
                   Ramen Pride Noodles mixed with cream of mushroom soup in a can (low calorie) and 
                   Wendy's hot sauce.
                   Fresh apples and oranges
                   Millville Fruity Rice (since my life is too plain anyhow)
                   Dried cranberries alone
                   Canned soups alone
                   Peanut Butter

Some of us prepared a family dinner every night of the week
similar to this Holiday meal featured
in a Normal Rockwell drawing

Drillbilly John came up with a myriad of ways to use fast food sauces obtained for free to spice things up and to make simple meals  better.    Getting away from the complex preparation of foods leaves time to do other things. 

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