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Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Everyday Problems": Making it in a World Set To Shut Down

Everyday Problems - making it in a world set to shut down

The story of Chuck, Louise and Sylvia
     "It takes all kinds", he said to himself as he slowly walked down the red brick alley.  The bricks were uneven, and the worn sole of his show caught on one of the edges of a brick.  The tavern was on the street also, with it's grey brick front, and red brick abutment.  He knew that he would approach the tavern soon, with it's beer of the world, women of the world, and loud music.  "Why did she have to do that", he thought again to himself.  I can't believe that I have to live my life like this to be embarrassed all of the time.  Why can't she consider my feelings too?  She was already in Lockbourne Psychiatric Hospital for two and three quarters of a year, to get better.  I missed her while she was gone.  Now I would like to kill her, and wonder why I took her back to begin with.  The kids and I did well without her.  If she stayed there why did they not help her to change there then?  Maybe I should find a good lawyer to sue them.  I did not divorce my wife because I knew she was sick, but I ......."Hi!", the brassy haired woman said from the door of the tavern.  He long hair hung down almost to her back.  She was pretty by all standards, and was one of the owners of "The Red Tavern", and was known by the people in the neighborhood, and many others.  The evening was warm, and the sky was clear.  "I remember you from high school.  Remember me?  Louise Manning."

     The man stopped thinking and stopped muttering to himself and stopped period, when the woman shouted out to him.  He was relieved and said maybe I need to stop in and have a drink or two.  It did not matter whether she or some other person was standing there, to be honest, because the man had an issue that he was not interested in discussing.  He liked to drink, have relationships with the gang who was there, and the woman who was involved with him, in her absence developed other relationships with other people.  She, his wife as of now, still was married to him and was placed on heavy psychotropic drugs. be continued.....

     This is an example of an affected family.  The children might be affected also, if they exist in this family.  The people in the relationship both need help, but are not getting the help that they need for one reason or another, or the help received was ineffective.  The outcome of the above story is less significant that how the people act and react while in the situation.  They are part of some community of others, or maybe many communities - like church, a neighborhood, a school system if they have children, and interface with many others as well.  They affect people around them, whose lives they touch. 

     The story could develop in one way or another, but the point is that "something here" has to change.  Life is not stable, and is constantly is stasis.  If the people in the above story are famous, they still have the same issues, but crooks 'pounce' on them, in an effort to cause additional trouble.  

     When I was in an abusive relationship, nothing I said or did made any difference.  The world waiting to shut down teory was more identifiable and prevalent that a "World Waiting To Be Born" in theory.  This is because in abusive relationships, people have a way of stagnating, shutting down, and not being who they want to be or were.  The abusive relationship I was in was accentuated by a government shutdown, thanks to crooks not doing what they were supposed to in the state of Ohio.  This is not the first time I had to pick up the slack for others who were nonfunctional or dydfunctional.  This is one of my major issues - to not be in positions of being abused if I can help it, and not being that available, if I can help it.  The need to be assistive in this case overrode intelligence and the need to flee and not be trapped in dysfunction, so what occurred in essence was more resiliance training, or the ability to adjust and readjust.  Since my abusive spouse and the 'imposed position' I got stuck with did not want to accomadate me, rather than be depressed and become more lethargic, I am now looking at books to buy a house, and not be stuck with the same old people in thje same old ditch, because someone trapped me out of need, spite, or whatever their motive was.  I am a person who deserves to be paid, and make a living wage, and intent to do so.  To accomplish this goal, I now have to move to another state, which is not as crooked, rotten, dirty, and has gone through changes within the state's structure already.  

     Green Restorations, Sustainable Building and Historic Homes, by Aaron Lubeck, is a book I found recently that is of interest.  Like an old friend, I need to find this book again after moving, because it details rehabing an older home from start to finish.  The book is published by New Society Publishers, and the author is a partner with the award winning Trinity Design/Build, a restoration and preservation consultancy in North Carolina.  Another good book that seems to go hand in hand with the first is called Kitchen and Bath Design, A Guide to Planning Basics, by Mary Fisher Knott, CID.  The publisher is Wiley located at  These two books, used hand in hand are part of future goals to escape from dysfunction and build a new life, which people have to do at some point rather than just 'jump on'.  The dysfunction occurred in my life not because of things I had control of, but things unplanned over which I had zero control.  

     Two other books which I would like to encounter again are the following: New Resume, New Career by Catherine Jewel - The Career Passion Coach.  "To all job seekers who honor the small, insistent voice within urgin you to create your perfect work in a job you love.  I admire your courage and marvel at your resilience, talents, and tenacity, " is a direct quote from the author.  This book seems to be filled with all kinds of strategeties for reentering the job market in an area that the individual designs.  For instance on pages 175 to 177, there is a series about changing career paths from being a Social Worker to being a Program Manager.  This book is another friend that I would like to encounter again.  Another good book is called "The 101 Laws of Career Reinvention: Essential Survival Skills for The Economy ",by Pamela Mitchell, founder of the Reinvention Institute.  I know that it is God's will that I have a continued life, and not wither and die in an area of low employment.  I also want to experience a warmer climate. 

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