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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Now you see it - Hazeldon the self help people

Feel like a target?
Maybe there is a reason.

A tool of Denial called "Minimizing"

1-800-257-7810 for free assessment  - 24 hours a day everyday. are the same people who have helped a lot of folks by printing addition control literature - just in case this is some reader's problem.  Today, I saw a book at the Bexley Library  in Columbus, Ohio called "Cyber Junkie - Escaping The Gaming and Internet Trap", by Kevin Roberts.  The Hazelden site above does not list that one, but it too is available, "just-in-case" someone has that problem 'by coincidence' ;)

What is Minimizing?  Does it have to do with downsizing?
Not really.  Just like the photo above, the problem is present, and then it disappears completely - vanished into the blue sky.  The point is that before 'it' can vanish, just like a plane or bird in the sky, 'it' (the problem) gets smaller and smaller.
"It's not that important", says someone.  Maybe the 'someone' is right, maybe they are not right.
                      .......Something to think about......

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