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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Complaint submitted to the city of Columbus - only 100 characters allowed...

HAHAHAHAHAHA - by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
Maybe this problem has to do with getting no divorce settlement,
abuse by white gang members and
a development program known as "Whigs"
beng used by certain crooks in Ohio and should also be
placed under investigation

Actual complaint submitted:
Thursday March 3, 2011

Please provide specific information regarding your request.
Street light needs repaired
Additional comments (100 characters max.)
   Can you please see my blogspot posting of today on

This street sign pointing toward
'heaven'  may have been what crooks
intended for me ( or the opposite)
after robbing me in Wooster, Ohio
and then stalking me to Louisville Kentucky to take my
luggage, and to Marion Ohio to take my birth certificate.
I heard that crooks were supposed to trade my
birth certificate in for
a death certificate in an Ohio game that they created.
I can't do anything back because I have no money, job, or car thanks
to abuse in Ohio for the last 15 years on the police auditory
network and
in life.
I tried to submit a complaint to the City of Columbus, Ohio today but the web site would not take any information.  the thing is that someone in the 'auditory' mode was talking about the walking path beside the creek just up from 2000 E. Main Street, Columbus, Ohio  43205 being blocked off, but this was heard during the day.  The person sounded like a dingbat.  Then, the point was that there is a Hillbilly firewood lot on the side of Kroger, but behind Kroger.  They really should take down the trees closest to the creek, not have a terrorist online talking about this area being a hideout for crooks to encourage this type of thing.  Trash, old clothing, and other debris are there to be seen and be laughed at by the 'funny' person talking about this as heard by many, many people.  The debris is indicative of the fact that there really are crooks hiding out in that area, and with the streetlights being turned off intentionally, and with the other  things that have occurred in my life, including haiving no car and having to wait for the bus in the dark, the situation was no joke, but terroristic.  In addition to this,  someone turned off the string of street lights on the other side of E. Main Street, including the bus shelter area to make the area unsafe.  I had to stand there last night to wait for the bus with groceries and it was somewhat unsafe and very dark.  My ex-husband, Jerry L. Bauer was an abuser but was made in to a hero by crooks from Collective Bargaining who were then supposed to be rewarded with jobs with the state and Federal Government.  KI was robbed, assaulted in Wooster, and have no idea where our son, Justin Bauer Currently is.  Jerry L:. Bauer made himself into an important Gangster icon by insulting and abusing me for years.  He is affiliated with Eddie Bauer and other Bauer Companies.  This misoperation of the City may be due to him and his friends who got on the payroll but are not qualified.  This is why I am interested in moving to another state, in addition to some of the things that appear on this blog spot as abuse. 

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