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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All about NPR: People I would like to meet in North Carolina by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Kimba, The White Lion as a young lion.

The new short blurbs online from different NPR personalities at WUNC here in Raleigh, NC. all with very familiar voices - more than familiar faces:

Melissa Block - host of "All Things Considered" : ..."What we do here sounds simple - we listen. ...We know the the power of the human voice and the story behind it - that is the stuff that holds us together."

Howard Berkes - NPR World Affairs Correspondent: ...."Good journalism.... It sheds light, not heat. It challenges our thinking instead of confirming what we already believe. This is good journalism, and this is NPR

Laura Sullivan - Crime and Justice Correspondent. "NPR is a community - it is a voice for people all over this country. When I walk into a prison, sit in a prison, ride in a police car, I believe I am there because NPR's l;isteners have asked me to be there - to examine and explore, and hold people to account, and it is really the only thing that matters. This is NPR.

Felix Contreres - reporter for NPR's Arts desk. "My speciality? Latino Arts and Culture. I work very hard to look for voices that are not always part of the Public Radio Community and put them on the air. It's a lofty goal for sure and not always easy, but NPR is committed to journalism that reflects all of us....This is NPR."

Nina Totenberg: NPR Legal Affairs correspondent. "When I write about the law, I am not writing about abstract legal theories. I am writing about people - parents, kids, business owners, employees, victims of crime and the accused. In short, I am telling listeners stories about the country, as seen through the lens of the law. It's what you have come to expect, and I am proud that this is NPR.

All of these people are available to be contacted online, just in case anyone is interested. this time, Public Radio and NPR are in danger of losing Federal Funding.  NPR has always offered great, interesting educational programming.  NPR is not a crooked politician, but one of the solutions.  Why not utilize this resource, and vote against National Public Radio losing it's Federal funding?   

Sounds great - but where are the people?  They can't be found.

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