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Monday, April 11, 2011

Findings about APARTEID in Raleigh NC on 04/11/2011 by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Investigation needed

Raleigh, NC has some major issues this day in history.  
North Carolina "used to have" the textiles and tobacco areas:
Farming of Cotton and Tobacco and
Manufacturing the products here in the Southern Region.

Fabric Theft
On the freeway on the bus, we saw a banner that said "FREE FABRIC", with a phone number of
336-226-9000.  When called, the phone number was disconnected, and rerouted to this number:  1-800-229-3000.  When that number was called, it was a Medical Facility.  When I called 911 to ask about this, the woman on the phone said she could not run a trace, and had no idea why the phone number was down or rerouted to begin with.

Raleigh, North Carolina police
There is no way to file a police report online in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The website for the police is the City of Raleigh's site.  The following are the numbers to call in case of emergency:
Police Information

•Please call 911 in the case of an emergency

•For non-emergency calls, please call 831-6311 or 996-3335

•To report a concern with a City of Raleigh police officer, call Internal Affairs at 996-3155

•The Raleigh police information desk does not have specific information on Wake County court dates/traffic violations/district attorney questions. The number to call 755-4117

This was changed overnight.  Yesterday, the only way to reach the police was by email to a private email address or talking to someone in the police in person about an issue.  Raleigh, North Carolina is a fairly large city to have this type of problem in.
The Helen Wright Center for Women
Third, the phone number to the Helen Wright Center, a homeless Shelter for Women is disconnected. The number is 833-1748. This is the published number, and the number on all handouts given about Raleigh to homeless people or people coming in to Raleigh by "The Women's Center". If a person was calling from a pay phone they would be lost, because it is necessary to make multiple phone calls.  The Helen Wright Center requires that women call every morning to stay on the waiting list for a bed.  The working numbers are
833-7500 and 833-0332, but you cannot talk to a live person at these numbers and have to leave a message on the voice recorder and HOPE that they get the message and call you back. 
Female Slavery at The Raleigh Relief Mission
There was also a woman at The Raleigh Mission in thick, heavy chains.  She was in the shower area when I was there.  She was nude, taking a bath at the time, and had the thick construction chains wrapped around her ankles.  It was not really funny.  The Mission has many beds and keeps turning people away.  The people who stay there are not friendly.  The staff are not particularly friendly.  They issue blue hospital scrubs to sleep in as opposed to nothing or regualr pajamas for an unknown reason. 

Talking to yourself takes on a new meaning.
Conflicts with Drilling
I was fighting with John because he wanted me to stay there again or try to get in.  I was not interested.  One of the staff members there prays to Allah at precisesly 4:00 am everyday.  I was weeping while there and she came and got me, and put her arms down on the ground, on her knees in a prayerful gesture.  Finally she laid on the floor.  I left at that point to go back to bed, because my meditation period was over. 

April 12, 2011

The small library in the downtown area focesed on "Trafficking in Human Beings".  They have literature about upcoming events related to this kind of trafficking,.  One is a free luncheon on April 19, 2011 from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm at the Express library, which is downtown, located inside of the Wake County oOffice Bldg - 336 Fayetteville Street.  Their phone number is 919 856-6690.  The lunchtime presentation is this according to the literature:
                            "We'll be talking about human trafficking and North Carolina:
                              - What human trafficking is
                              - human trafficking globally, natinally, amd locally
                              - assistance for victims
                              - and what you can do! "

from Wake County Public Libraries
Park in the Wake Co. Parking Deck (216 W. Cabarrus St.) and receive a voucher from the library!

This snake is prettier and much more whimsical looking than this snake relative who is supposed to be
a biological relative.

I picked the Whigs band because I thought they were good musicians, and were young people who were cute and needed a break.  My sister Cherie Newman, a suspect in other fraud and crime cases, like stea;ling money and other items from my house, a drug dealer , and a possible theft suspect in the case of Eddie Bauer, a retailer and employer to shut them down,  now says that these boys are her children.  They are featured on a Facebook picture with her.  I never knew this to be a fact before.  Newman is supposed to live in Chicago according to her description, but actually lives in Columbus, Ohio.  After Governor strickland was forced to resign based on corruption, he supposedly appointed her to some "State of Ohio" role, she claims. 

"All I ever seem to do is wait, and I am really cute.
  Why can't I get through?"
Also, a woman whose name was either Sammy or Tammy called and left a message on my voice mail.  I think this is about an opening or a bed at The Helen Wright Center, because all of the other numbers were disconnected.  The number given was (919) 833-1748.  When I called tht number from the Women's Center, it was also disconnected.  I know that the phone works there because I called my old debit cards to see if there was a balance.  I was able to get through to them and get new PIN numbers.  None of these old debit/credit cards have any money on them.  I have 3 or 4. 

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