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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great email post sent from Narcanon of Oklahoma

contact address is

                                                                        101 Recovery Tips

                                                                          Recovery Tip #89

Do Not Talk Bad About Others

A truly good or social person is eager to relay good and positive news and reluctant to pass on bad news. The individual wants to make others feel liked or wanted and chooses to reassure someone rather than criticize them.

From time to time a person may speak negatively or derogatorily about others. This can especially happen when a person is addicted and feels bad about their misdeeds and wants to take the attention off themselves and onto someone else.

Recovery has many components. One should be treating others as you would like to be treated and not speaking badly or negatively about other people or groups.

For more information on Recovery Tips or to help yourself or a loved one who is struggling with addiction, contact Narconon Arrowhead at 800-468-6933 or visit us at

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