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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What????? My Facebook account is now suspended? Grrrrrrrrr

I was on Facebook earlier and got an email from Paul Simboli, a terrorist from Medina, Ohio.  The picture did not match the person I knew from high school at all.  Simboli was a smallish kid, smaller than others our age (he was one year younger - my sister's age), and he had curly brown hair and brown eyes.  The picture of a U.S. Military officer has a diffferent face and different coloring.  Simboli was supposed to be my sister Cheryl's friend on Facebook. 

A police report was made when my 'sister' reported this goon as her friend on
facebook, because this kid used to assault me on the way home from school , which he thought to be funny, not long after we moved to Medina, Ohio.  The thing is that I had no interest in being kicked hard or pounded with this goons fists so I went to the guidance office and found out that this kid was a backdoor neighbor who lived on Sandy L:ane when we lived on Walnut Drive.  He was someone I "thought" would be a man who had domestic violence charges or worse against him at some later time in life.  In addition to this, terrorists in general are able to get on "Facebook" and obtain information.  I wonder why my Facebook password would not work after I signed off once and tried to sign back on and ALSO,  I received a message that my Facebook account was suspended due to someone else meddleing with it - a message in a little box (as opposed to a message in a bottle).

I guess I really do not have freedom of speech on Facebook for some reason.  In addition to this, I saw on the news - NBC I think - that Facebook now had a Net Worth of 235 million dollars which seems like an incredibly inflated price.  I wonder how they came up with this information and  how this information aboput Facebook got on television to begin with.
                                                                   Arf, Arf, Arf......
                               V-E-R-Y  INTERESTING, (said with a German accent)
                                                                      But stupid!!!!

Regards, Kimberly! :)


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