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Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Curves" - a female, Christian based exercise facility in review


"Gee Whiz - I am so depressed!  Why can't I look like this model in the picture", is something I commented on on a regular basis.  God heard this lament, because I received in the mail a 30 day free 'gift membership to the local Curves, here in Bexley, Ohio on E. Mail Street.  The people there seemed very nice when I showed up today to be introduced to the equipment and their program.  The point is that during the winter months, people do suffer and Seasonal Affective Disorder, or season depression, is particularly bad news after the holiday season.

Pamela, the assistant manager there was interested in hearing my personal problems, which had to do with an interpersonal situation whereas my boyfriend, Offshore Drilling, was interested in throwing me out again, the day before, because I am a worthless bum with no income, thanks to an Ohio based cult (which he does not want to hear about) and  was not interested in having sex with him.  This may seem to be a personal lament but is a part of the cult.  Here's why.

Curves decided to tell me that my one free month was over on a Saturday morning, and I quit going back after that.  Curves would have the right to throw people off of their property for trespassing, so I said - Oh, ok...I need to pay attention to this before I get shot or thrown in jail for a minor reason, and so complied.

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