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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"I WANT THAT ELEPHANT ASS SOLD!!!" : Point and Counterpoint by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Heard from an anonymous source in Columbus, Ohio:

More will be revealed

"Why are they always picking on me?  I am a great Mother - I had relatives blighted out in Kenya, Africa also.  We were the victims of Organized Crime against animals in Kenya, Africa due to a created drought and we also had to be nomads to survive.  We have always been victims of poachers and those who just wanted to take "pot shots" at us.  Some of us were also Survivors, and others did not make it.  

Why can't we the Mighty Elephante' - the mammal- be saved. 
 Maybe this campaign statement means something else. :)"
                                       Peace and Love,
                                       Eunice the Elephant
Post Script:
The man who wanted the "elephant ass sold " was an innocent merchant who owned the "Dire Dawa" on East Main Street, in Whitehall, Ohiio just down from The Motel One.
He at the time said he was talking about a very large photograph which was in
front of his merchant counter in a frame, of a large elephant rear end, which had a little tail.  The man claimed he was not doing anything wring, but was not clear about "Which"
"Elephant ASS" he had a resentment against.  The Federal Government, corporations, and large conglomerates were sold out more and more within the last decade.  This immigrant from South Africa, a man who was an attractive black man, with a mean face, claimed that he was innocent, and will claim this to this day.  Yet - this man was on the communication network and was From South Africa.  The case never went to court as it was not filed.

In addition to this, South Africa and some, but not all African countries recognize cannibalism as not a bad alternative.  My story about a video called "Meat" talks more about this, but these things are examples of International customs and courts which intermingled with the old established Us\nited States customs and courts and
started to change social ;policy in Columbus, Ohio and probably many other areas if the field research was done.


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