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Monday, December 27, 2010

Cars for free

This is an invitation to a group in another state.  :)  If this applies to you a reader of this blog spot, I would be very careful.
                                                                                     Kimberly! :)

"I hear that crooks has or have a car or more in my name. They ripped off my birth certificate, and all kinds of vital records to do this. Part of this abuse occurred in Ohio, and part of this abuse occurred in Kentucky. If you can find these cars, you can have it or them. I am presently on this day in history (December 27, 2010) without a car period and have been the victim of all kinds of games. I need to get a car eventually, but am not in the 'retreival' business'. My maiden name is Koerber and my married name was Bauer. The goons are always looking to play games. Want a car or two or three? You could help me out because these cars are illegal anyhow. Happy holidays! ;)"

P.S. - Gee whiz - don't say that I never gave you a lead. ;)

look for my also on under "Kimberly Koerber" (click on the cute cartoon face).

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