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Monday, December 27, 2010


This model represents a fly in the web, or sexual bondage.  she is a beautiful model and on the right side - is one black cord - the other side shows another black cord.  This model is athletically built.  She got 'caught'.  Below is the story about "Chick-In-A-Box".  Is this really a choice?  Something to think about...

The "Chick-in-A-Box" program or campaign is still around.  How this works is that you have to 'click on'
a box that represents a certain woman.  The woman masturbates on the computer screen in a little box which is at the upper left hand side of the computer screen.  They do not care if they are dealing with juveliles on the receiving end or not, and charge the vicxtim's phone a high rate.  These women in business are also pests, and are hooked up to the computer/television internet.  This occurred in Wooster, Ohio and is around in other areas. :)
                                                        Kimberly! :)

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