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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The United States in Embassasment and Humiliation ( oops - I made a mistake!)

The United States in Embarrassment and Humiliation- A statue available in a store located next to the T.A.T. Restaurant - on Livingston Avenue.
The point is that because of some of the "Department of the Interior Problems" not being dealt  with and crooks hiring trash to get rid of police agents, we are in another war. 
A curled up American Flag and an Eagle hiding in the flag (or trying to) is an example of US  
policy that needs to be changed that originated in Ohio to assist Organized Crime. 
I got a great Christmas gift from the store owner - the point was that These "Friendship in 2002"
Christmas plates were indicative of a War that crooks started thanks to abuse like the types that I went through to then be stripped.  Goons then correlated this with a stripper or part of the sex industry.

"I think I am ready to move.  Why are we not supposed to be
stable and able to be found?
How come no one cares about this and similar issues?"

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