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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is "Impugn"?

Close examination of a salad - bit by bit

Better image of what Ohio's Racketeering/whore ring did which included calling me names to help the Las Vegas drug/prostitution ring aka "I deserved to be abused" for one reason or another as most crooks, if allowed, tell their victim.
What does 'impugn' mean? ;)


with Anu Garg





verb tr.: To call in question or cast doubt upon.

Via French from Latin impugnare (to attack), from im- (towards) + pugnare (to fight), from pugnus (fist). Ultimately from the Indo-European root peuk (to prick) which is also the source of point, puncture, pungent, punctual, poignant, pounce, and poniard. Earliest documented use: 1384.


"'You can't impugn somebody's integrity without having proper evidence,' David Collier, chief executive of board, said earlier."

Huw Richards; Troubled Tour Ends for Pakistan; The New York Times; Sep 23, 2010.

Explore "impugn" in the Visual Thesaurus.

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