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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Trump Casinos - How Could You?" or "How The United States Intelligence/police system got abused to launch crime (again)" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Crooks really really ruined peoples lives in Ohio to get mob activity 'in' again.  Crooks were always an issue and are not anything but crooks but they really hit Columbus, Ohio and other parts of Ohio before they traveled other states to launch "Liz" or Go-Go Slutty".

Crooks decided to go around and rob people to get them off of the intelligence system and get involved in hostile escheat of businesses and properties.

Crooks also decided that a prostitute was supposed to be a female political icon, and the Chicago mob.  Crooks also decided that everyone else was supposed to be homeless and mentally ill.

Crooks also shut down the tobacco Industry except for RJ Reynolds and a few of the smaller tobacco companies who did not have bombed warehouses and who were not part of the tobacco class action settlement.

Crooks also decided to find a way to abuse Social Workers in general by establishing Prisongate to be advocate old men in particular who were in prison for having sexual relationships with 12 year old girls. 
In Lynchburg, Virginia, the thing seems to be to have a certain type of bonded couple - a right wing preacher or a reluctant man who is involved with t a prostitution type of female.  The crooks picked a hooker from the mob who was part of a movie called "Showgirls" named "Liz or go-go Lizzie out of spite because this was a woman who was arrested for prostitution in the past.  Liz is also known as "Slutty" by many people because she could not sing or dance but took off all of her clothes and rubbed her bard body against a metal pole onstage in a strip club on Westerville Road in Columbus, Ohio.  Then, crooks committed arson to burn the woman's strip club down to 'get her out of the thing' but forgot about the people who owned the place and forgot about the customers there and forgot about the fact that this woman, who was like a trained 'dog' was known by all kinds of people as a hooker rather than anything else.  Then, in addition to this, crooks wanted 'slutty' to be a Limited Companies model and a hair model, so photographed this slut in the role that she wanted. 

I am mad about this.  Crooks robbed my house, assaulted me, and caused trouble for years in Ohio to get this goon political launch 'in'.  They also killed people, ran numerous drug cartels, shut down DEA and changed changed the state of Ohio state office tower from having all kinds of state of Ohio agencies to having the "State of Ohio Insurance" agencies mostly. In addition to "go-go slutty's" strip club being burned down and replaced by a little 'shed', Crooks did the same thing to a hooker/dancer Marion, Ohio who was 'not supposed to' work in a strip club. 

When the crooks ruin everyone else's lives like this to get a hooker in as the political launch, as usual to represent mob activity, people give up and want to have nothing to do with this launch.

I say:  I should have known better.  The crooks always win anyway.  The slut was homely, with buck teeth, and long stringy blonde hair but was the epitome of what women did not want to be.  Liz, or "Slutty" was supposed to be a "Barbie Doll" and an enticement for little girls to run away and become dancers/whores but the promotions people dropped the ball.  This campaign was a strictly terrorist campaign that shut everything and everyone else down out of spite.  Why even try, people started thinking. 

This was a horrendous waste of time and was supposed to be "fun". ;/

The perpetrators in the large homeless/disengagement federal shutdown cult along with International organized crime turned out to be Trump Casinos located at

In Lynchburg, Virginia someone told on them. Trump Casinos got into the system and refused to let go.  There was nothing that people could do to shake them loose.  They ruined all kinds of people's lives and all kinds of entities. 

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