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Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Roanoke, Virginia Power Outages" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


This is how to find Roanoke, Virginia on the map

Roanoke Virginia - emphasis is on "Better Health for All"

July 5, 2012

Roanoke, Virginia is a beautiful, historic city in a Commonwealth state, but is currently experiencing issues here due to power outages throughout the city.

Informants say that the power outage issues started last week on Thurdsay.  

The local Civid Center, thanks to the American Red Cross, is providing fold up cot beds, blankets, meals, and a safe place for victims of this local tragedy.  

Workers have people who are staying at The Civid Center who were affected sign in and sign out.  The temporary housing is in a large 'gymnasium' room and   The American Red Cross also provides meals.  The Civic Center housing is expected to last about two more days.  Crews are busy at this time trying to restore the power.   

This is the siloutte version
of joggers seen yesterday as part of the
Roanoke,  Virginia
Fourth Of July Celebration.
The joggers, who were of all ages
were all healthy and 99 percent white.
The Fourth of July celebration here had to do with a large parade of many, many joggers running down a directed path yesterday morning through the city.  The flag women for the event were also the cheerleaders for the event, cheering on certain joggers as they passed them on the corner, not far from the local police station.  The 'better health' trend also included the local YMCA, which has as an emphasis area for adults 'better ehalth through cycling.  The Y also offers deluxe exercise facilities, including an electric 'climbing wall', and a computer lab for children.  Rates are reasonable and published.

Roanoke, Virginia as seen coming in of the Greyhound bus

Also enjoyed in Roanoke this Flurth of July holiday a church picnic offered by a local Baptist Mission.  We got to meet many of the locals who were involved in these events and who were friendly, and enjoyed good homestyle food including potato salad, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and homemade coleslaw among other items served there. 

The Fourth of July day ended by having fireworks shot off in the sky all around where I was last night, in five different locations.

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