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Monday, July 2, 2012

"A Loser type of person" thanks Reverend David Umphlett

OPEN LETTER TO THE REVEREND DAVID UMPHLETT, Rector, St Mary's Episcopal Church, High Point, NC

July 2, 2012
Dear Reverend Umplett,

Thanks for being our friend, and helping us by buying our tickets to Roanoke, Va. so that we do not have to sleep out on the street here in
High Point, NC or be picked up and have to go to jail for vagrancy.
We appreciate it. You made us feel like we were worthwhile human

I also liked the closing hymn on Sunday - "America". I am sort of an orphan anyhow. My mother, who is now "Mrs. R.J.
Reynolds" and lives in Akron, Ohio would rather have me rot on the
street than help us in any way and has always been this way.
She is 74 now anyhow and my dad is dead.
Johns mother is in her 80's. This is why I was so intent on working
and building a life, which we will do again. I did not want to ever be a
"loser person" who had to beg, live in shelters, and be looked down on
by people. My ex-husband, with the "Bauer" conglomerate, is the same way. St. Mary's Church made us feel welcome the entire time we
were here.

Have a blessed fourth of July.
Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber and John Drilling

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