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Monday, August 1, 2011

"A Black Administrative gang called "The Skulls" - who are they?" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

One "Black Ops" badge or insignia featuring a Skull

A current intelligence problem exists, and if there is a problem, there is a cause and a solution.  I became aware of the problem when crooks on our intelligence network, which is auditory, asked people on the network "to not be there", or wanted the people who they knew on the network who were identified as white to be schizophrenic, hearing voices.  This was done to help unscrupulous lawyers who are in the business of making money by putting people on SSI. (See for more information about SSI which gives information about applying and what the needed conditions are in applying infor individual cases.)  

Although critics complained about Social Security funds disappearing thanks to scams like this, the 'games' continued, and in addition to this, people's intelligence id's were sold out.  This is because the people were mentally ill in all cases, hearing voices, as opposed to interacting with others on the US intelligence system.  This problem is now massive.  Part of the problem is "Operation White Squirrel" in addition to other behaviours that blacks engage in to exclude and batter whites in various ways. This is also known as 'crazymaking behaviour' or belittling behaviour which is verbal. 

A skull hiding other skulls
The Skulls appear to be racist.  Members of the skulls ignore whites when talked to.  In North Carolina, I encountered a new name to call people which is "Boo" like a ghost.  The whole picture could have started as black reparation for slavery issues, but was not responded to thoroughly by US Intelligence, and so some of the gang members became more and more violent and abusive.  The counter side is the Ku Klux Klan.

Cartoon picture of a female skull or skeleton
 Currently in the United States, the industries which are apparent and which would be affected by this gang and descendants who traced their roots to southern slavery, are the textiles industries, with lack of expansion there, and the tobacco industry, with outlandish prices and instability. 

The Skulls are an example of a racist, emancipated black gang who are no slaves any longer and get paid and need to be paid attention to as current social policy movement that is relevant to not only the United States but the world.

Does this "skull" look friendly?
 In Greensboro, NC, there was a female skull riding around on the bus.  The woman was not interested in talking to me - a white woman at all face to face, but may have been on the US Intelligence system, which can not be proven, and would not make her disloyal to the rest of her group. be continued...

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