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Saturday, August 6, 2011

405 Rochelle Street by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

President Kennedy with his wife, Jacqueline, and Texas Governor John Connally in the presidential limousine, minutes before the President's assassination.Add caption
 405 Rochelle Street - Knoxville, Pennsylvania is where my grandparents lived when I was a small child.  We lived right down the street.  This neighborhood marked a significant situation that involved Civil Rights, property escheat, Black power, and The President John F. Kennedy assassination.

I recall the Kennedy assassination - and recall being sent to the corner store as a 4 or 5 year old kid with a dollar to buy a loaf of bread crunched up in my hand.  The corner store at the time was a small family convenience store called "Dean's" grocery store and it was owned by an elderly couple known only to me as Mr. and Mrs Dean.  On the day of the Kennedy assassination, they had the little television on in their store and were both tearful. 

There was a team of horses at the crossroad street - close to the little store.  The team of horses was pulling a long, Amish type of wooden wagon.  This happened during the same time.  There was no parade scheduled, but I will never forget that occurring. 

Blacks were also an issue.  At the time, blacks lived on one side of a large park, and whites on the other.  Blacks were breaking into white homes.  Crooks in the real estate business at that time were trying to get people to sell their properties for much less than they were worth, also.  There was a hassle with a white woman, who worked at the local hospital, walking home from work, who was hit on the head, was raped, and was alive in serious condition in the hospital.  My grandfather at that time worked for Jones and Laughlin, and was in  Steel, and my grandmother did not work, but sold various things from home, as she went to Flea Markets and acquired items and then put ads in the paper.  They also had an attic divided into two apartments and always had it rented.  Some kind of police officer was generally a favorite renter.  Their children were grown.  I was a young kid who liked bubble baths.  This all occurred not recently, but in the mid 60's before our family moved to Brentwood,
(not California) another suburb, in another neighborhood.  In the 60's!

This is historic, but it took years and years to get a black President of the United States into office.  In this era of "hostile escheat of businesses and properties", The First Black President of the United States, and supposed current economic recovery, the above is something to think about in more than a reminiscent way and style, and wonder aloud "What Took So Long?" 

Other tension areas:
Wooster, Ohio

Teamsters, a crooked momster gang showed up and launched a prostitution cult and at the same time ignored problems at ATI, potential shutdowns at JM Smucker Company (Orrville) , Morton Salt (Rittman) and Frito Lay (Wooster).  Rubbermaid (Wooster) and right down the street was a victim of a shutdown. They moved to another location.  I got divorced and had no legal representation, because Susanne M. Waldron, tied in to the strip club industry was hired and sttod in the back of the courtroom and would not beg a dovorce settlement as a 'joke'.  She was not able to be prosecuted but Ohio's Supreme Bourt Disciplinary Council.   Informants said that beyond the computer supercenter in front of Rubbermaid, they also housed a crematory.  No business would rent even a piece of the subdivided property after they left. 
This 'party started before our family moved there in 1995 and was stkll going on when i was burglarized and booed off the stage for coming up with a police project called "the Indigo Drum" which the crooks did not want.  They seized funding for the project also, and the project is still on hold.  No investigations were forthcoming as a result, but crooks continue to misuse the USA intelligence communication system.  The textiles industry was also shut down during this wonderful large scale embezzlement cult and USA police were abused. Crooks were picked for some kind of a 'launch' but they would not say what the crooks were being 'launched' into.  

 As a point of interest, I am still receiving letters like the following via email.  Others received the same types of correspondence :




Telephone: +2347025930864


Attention: Beneficiary,


I have decided to contact you directly and personally after a serious thought because I do not have any hatred on you, but your Nigerian partners.

I am the Director, Tested Computerization Foreign Transfer Unit central bank of Nigeria (CBN). Sometime in the past, your Nigerian partners approached me through a friend of mine and requested me to assist them to conclude a money transfer deal. They gave me your name, and bank particulars and told me to include them into our computer system in the central computer unit so that it will appear as if you are one of the genuine contractors that have been cleared for payment.

According to them, they wanted to use this strategy to transfer a huge amount of money which they accumulated through inflated contract awards and the money have been floating in the CBN since then.

The original contractors have been paid therefore they wanted to use your account to transfer the inflated amount out of Nigeria. We agreed that once I do this, they would give me US$100,000.00 and another US$100,000.00 when i release the fund to your account. When they saw that I have done so and your name has been approved among the list of those to be paid, instead of giving me the agreed deposit, they started avoiding me and resorted to threat.

I immediately delete the transfer access code (TAC) and your personal identification numbers (PIN), which is only known to me due to my position and duty but released other contractors fund without yours. They became angery the more when they saw that their threat did not work, they started bribing other officials to get another approval to transfer the money to you without success. it is not funny that a contractor is being asked to pay one tax or the other. i am 100% responsible for the delay and obstructions because of their breach of agreement. if you doubt what i have just told you, pay any amount they will ask you to pay now, after a short time, they will come up with another reason to pay again and it goes on and on.

They are simply wicked and do not know where their problem lies. now, if you want us to work together, these are my conditions:

A) Most important, we must be very sincere and transparent with each other by ensuring that we stand by our words.

B) I will have 30% of the money because it's only two of us left now.

C) You will assist me to open an account in your country or any other place of my choice where I will pay in my own share.

D) As you have seen, it will be useless and a more waste of time and money if you continue with any other person, so it is better we agree with each other and conclude the transaction with utmost secrecy.

If these conditions are acceptable to you, contact me as soon as possible quoting your contract number to prove that you are the true person, so that we will finalize. But if you are not interested, I advise you to forget the fund as it will be transferred into the federal government of Nigeria consolidated national reserve.

Kindly get back to me only on this email:

Best Regards,

Mr. Mohammed Usman.

Director, Tested Computerization foreign Transfer Unit,

Telephone: +2347025930864

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