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Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Ignornace is Not Bliss": A Short Story about ignorant people by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"The Wizard Predicts..."

There is a smart aleck who is ignorant online on Saturday mornings.  The person says they are really thin.  Why do I have to put up with the "White Squirrel Campaign" on an NPR affiliate?  This is not needed.  No wonder NPR keeps crying about losing Federal funding.  You have goons who are tied into the drug cult working at your affiliates who are rude to certain people.  All I have to do is say "Hi - This is Kimberly" and they get mean with me and tell me that I am no longer welcomed by NPR.  The "White Squirrel Campaign" did this crazy making thing to police and then used the money for cocaine and other crime based funding.  You in management of NPR need to do something about this scab who others think is part of a large major University - The Ohio State University before you are charged with a Federal Crime also.
                                                                             Kimberly! :)l

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