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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Intel Discriminates!!!!!!! by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

A cute "White Squirrel" - the animal from nature.  He would say" You mean they did all of this for me?"
 Chirp, chirp, chirp.

I am presently seeking a lawyer to sue Intel.  they are supposed to be oriented toward 50 and older people.  I had to be raped by blacks, have my husband killed, gain additional life experience and education, and still am being abused by US mobsters in regard to being hired.  Mobsters were not able to to anything to be assistive 15 years ago when this emergency situation arose and still are not today.  In addition to the other areas that mobsters got into, they are now overtaking Private businesses to get organized crime people in instead of dedicated, brilliant people who are 50 and over as they were supposed to.

One of the crooks on a page offering
photos of "White Squirrels".
This must have appeared in some other place to be grouped this way.
I don't know who this man is, but I bet that by now he is considerable older.
We now have trashy people who "masturbated in mirrors" to get into our roles at work in the way.  This is congruent with Ohio law, which enabled this type of thing before until the problem got terrible, then they called a government emergency which we all were forced to participate in, never to get aid a dime, but to have to be assaulted, robbed, and have ruined lives. 

A picture of women 'with no heads' also some part of "White Squirrel",
and on a page about the animal "White Squirrel" with pictures to download.
In Rochester, Minnesota, this was depicted by Talbert's a retailer, who has all kinds of mannequins whose bodies look like sticks but the mannequins have no head - neck only!
I was never a person who participated in organized crime, but organized crime and it's participants still affect many people in its sneaky, insidious way. The "White Squirrel Campaign" was a program created for this before, and it is still at work.  "White Squirrel" ruined certain neighborhoods.  "White Squirrel" discredited certain people who were high functioning because crooks wanted to continue to run mob activity.  The reason I applied for work with Intel was because of "White Squirrel".  Unfortunately "White Squirrel" is also at Intel, despite what Intel is supposed to be.  After applying for several jobs that I was qualified for, I got computer rejection letters, because "White Squirrel" now disrespects older workers and apparently protects organized crime people, and makes people literally 'nuts'.  I would appreciate it as would many others if AARP stopped endorsing Intel as a viable employer for those 50 years of age and over, based on the actuality of the circumstances and situation.

If I had a life, I would have never started "Born To Be Miserable" to stay tied into problem people, but because of this occurring in my life, 15 productive years, the best years of my life, were wasted.
"White Squirrel" is set up to do exactly what people claim it does - it discredits people and wastes their time to bring unqualified people in.  Then, with the revenue attained, "White Squirrel" runs organized crime, including 'masturbating in mirrors" selling drugs, and etc.  Oh well.  Not that complaining about this will bring about change, because it really has no so far, but the situation has to be one to be able to gain protection from or hide from. 

I am more disappointed than anything else about this.  I put this letter on my blog spot called Born To Be Miserable" located at because putting it there is better than not putting it there. 

This insignia and advertisement for "White Squirrel" goes along with the psychiatrist's couch below - the point is that crooks who are part of the intelligence system intentionally drive people to the psychiatrist's couch and
disregard evidence based investigations in regard to crimes because "White Squirrel"
created US Social Policy.  "White Squirrel" is a great reason to see why voter apathy exists and why
people in general are not gun-ho about getting into any area that has to do with government service.
Government service is low paying at best, before crooks developed "White Squirrel" to discount evidence.

A feature of "White Squirrel" - a psych couch.  If the victim is not capable, they are run anyhow and their salary
funds criminal activities. 

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