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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"All About the DSM and Crooks" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"I am an example of a White Squirrel transformed thanks to hate group activity."

What is the DSM?  The DSM is the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and is the accepted handbook with coding by The American Psychiatric Association. 

The DSM comes out every year, and is a way to not prosecute crooks for corruption.  For instance,  a person who is battered black and blue is not a victim of Domestic Violence in the DSM, but is part of a "Sadomasochistic Disordered Group".  In my case, crooks set my cars on fire, had crooks threaten me, I was raped, burglarized, and crooks followed me to other cities to rip off money and take my luggage from out of storage in Louisville, Kentucky.  Numerous complaints were filed about this.  Instead of me having rights, I was supposed to be "mentally ill" and had no rights, then crooks found a way to get a crooked mental health practitioner paid, since they created poor mental health to begin with.

Another famous 'trick' which has nothing to do with actual crime 'per se' is to give the victim some kind of derogatory diagnosis, then have the victims place of employment insurance pay for this.  Do people wonder why they get treated differently at work after seeking counseling at times?  Some Mental Health disordered people are more apt to be avoided and scorned than others.

"Shulman and Associates" , in Bexley, Ohio had Wayne Lindstrom, PHD working there.  He and the office shut down.  We filed a complaint against him for sexual harassment, but my husband and I were there for marital counseling.  This is an example of how people can get even, because that "White Squirrel" funded Neighborhood, just down the street, before the Mental Health Practice moved away, near the corner of Main and James, developed and was funded 'somehow'.

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