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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"What is The Indigo Drum?" - by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

How did “The Indigo Drum” originate?

Hi. I was born in Pennsylvania but have lived in Ohio
most of my life.
My only son, Justin Jeremy Bauer, was born on
New Years Eve.
I read two different books that were very
relevant to naming this project:
“The Indigo Children”, by Lee Carrol, and Jan Tober
“A Different Drum” (On Community Making and Peace),
by M. Scott Peck, M.D.
The Indigo Drum is a marriage of the two concepts into a
compatible theme.

"The Little Drummer Boy"
is also my grandmother's favorite
Christmas Carol.
My interest areas are interwoven into the themes
from both books.


The Indigo Drum was a planned project that started years ago.  Crooks decided to ruin my life and then burglarized me and decided that I was supposed to be 'booed off of the stage".  But I was never a stripper or dancer - so the crooks's social policy areas got confused with mine. During this, I also got attacked by a black gang.
I did not consider this to be funny.  I found out later
that this attack was supposed to negate me and
empower the blacks more, and that this 
attack was named something:
"Sex With Slaves". 
This weird person could be part of a parade
projected to go with The Indigo Drum -
an organized crime awareness project.
It would be nice to run a parade Drum Corps with
The Indigo Drum
in honour of the orphaned
and displaced kids like the kids who are
from Boys Village and other facilities through no fault of their own.
They either become victims or perpetrators
in the system.
The Indigo Drum needs funding.  We have to purchase everything again, and were supposed to be an agency that was a bridge between Social Work and Criminal Justice - doing investigations and writing.  Crooks robbed me and took everything acquired for the project plus many other thing we had all of our lives.  I have applied for grant funding through various sources. 
I may have to change the name of The Indigo Drum because I am afraid that Ohio wanted to take The Indigo Drum and make it into a money laundering agency or entity for Organized Crime.  I need legal and all other kinds of help and need funding to get the thing going.  It looks like John and I are moving to North Carolina soon 
The Indigo Drum is a project I believe in and know will work.

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