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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mercy For Animals: Formerly Known as"Meat!" - by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

This is the gross video that caused Social Policy to take an ugly turn.

Farm to Fridge - The Truth Behind Meat Production from Mercy For Animals on Vimeo.

This video was formerly seen on  the CBS web site, and this 'revised' version was substituted.  The original video was graphic and had a group of men stabbing large Hogs with knives.  This video was put on my Face book page by me as it appeared, and then was changed for another video - the one above.  In this original video, someone's brown dog, who looked like a Brown Labrador Retriever was thrown into the 'pit' with the 'damned animals'  An informant said that a gang broke into their Hog area and killed the hogs while they were asleep in the house at night.  The people affected raised hogs for a living and had security cameras on in the barn at night.  The security camera caught the men stabbing hogs with knives and their faces.  The informant said that this video was part of an unresolved police case - before the video disappeared.  

Another thing to mention is that the Social Policy issue triggered by this, which got people not to eat meat, or be repulsed by eating meat, had an ugly turn. 

In Louisville, Kentucky, in an African mall, there is a store run by native Africans that sells "fresh meat".  This "Fresh meat" is very, very lean, marbled with little fat, and is also the same kind of "Fresh Meat" sold at the Dire Dawa Store on E. Main Street here in Columbus, Ohio.  The Dira Dawa's sign says "Fresh Meat" and this meat is sold cut into chunks and is in clear, thick plastic bags.

Unusual tasting meat was also served to indigent populations on two occasions that I witnessed.  On one occasion, this unusual tasting meat, which was not identifiable as anything but some pungent 'gross' meat was overcooked and served to the women at Wayside Shelter for Women in Louisville, Kentucky.  On another occasion, gross meat, that was rubbery in texture, tasted slightly like chicken, was hard to cut with a knife, and was supposed to be 'boneless chicken' was brought in for the people receiving a free dinner by outside parties.  A proprietor Social Worker of the church who is there for the Manna Cafe and for other meals served on other nights told the folks to please not bring this meat back anymore.  Their attitude was 'at least the homeless population gets to eat'.  This Methodist church, with a side entrance, depends on people from the community or from churches to bring prepared food in as they never use the kitchen facilities to prepare the food.  Broad Street United Methodist Church, which is a large Greenstone building, has a side entrance and they hand out tickets to diners so allow only a certain number of people in at a time.  They have

 fresh raw vegetables  with dip as
  • Hors d'Ĺ“uvres  one night a week, and serve meals generally Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and are located at 501 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio  43215.

Knowledge of 'specialized meats' like this is scary, when one also had knowledge of the problems at Apple Creek State Hospital, run by the State of Ohio, which was shut down.  The hospital which housed MR/DD
people first had problems with people being beaten up within the facility.  Then, someone from the state of Ohio claimed that the people cost too much money to maintain and they were moved somewhere.  That was about the time that Governor Bob Taft of Ohio got into a gubernatorial position.  Governor Taft also bonded with a Wooster principle, and had his picture taken with hers - which was put on the front page of the Wooster Daily Record. 

The people in Wayne County wanted to have a 'cohesive mob' experience for people around that area, and may have wanted to sell the facility to Mayo, as they were looking to sell the hospital as a private hospital.  The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has a reputation, say informants, of acquiring properties, and there have a few "Transplant Hospitality Houses" where new recipients of human organs can rest, convalesce, and heal.  The state of Ohio who wanted to be "the Mob" also, was irresponsible, and made everyone potential organ donors by incorporating the organ donor question on the back of Ohio Drivers licenses. This situation still remains the same on this day of our Lord - March 19, 2011.

.....Something to think about.....

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