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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"CIA" auditory music of 'The Damned' by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

I am 'The Damned"  I have no anything,
I may be some CIA operative that
crooks ruined the life of, who is supposed to be blamed for all
kinds of things I had nothing to do with, or another identified victim.
OR...I may be a person just out
of jail looking for revenge.
I, Kimberly got to be this because
crooks decided that I was supposed to be
stalked so that they could use my
Social Work degree for a
Development program that they came up called
"Sex With Slaves".
I did not actually do anything to
my knowledge to be in the "Land of the Damned".


The AAUW site says to contact AAUW, also known as the American Association of University Women, so I did with the following open letter on my blogspot called Born To Be Miserable, so that others can see what I do.The address is listed below
along with email and fax numbers:

National Office
1111 Sixteenth St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20036
Board of Directors
Connect2AAUW: 800/326-AAUW (2289) (10:00 a.m. to 5:00

Dear AAUW,

While I realize that you are busy, I am also writing to you with problems that you, as Social Policy Advocates addressing female issues may be able to be assistive with.

We here in Ohio are the victims of crooks who intentionally got into our investigative system, including the Federal Hub system, with female problems.

In addition to narcissism, which has always been a continued issue, the two problems that come to mind in this extortion related setting are these:

1. Women and men who are prostitution oriented who want everyone else to be 'stick thin' as part of
a continued problem with cocaine court or alley being interfaced with the Investigative/Auditory/
Federal Hub system which can be heard to influence public policy on a regular basis as opposed
to further development of people doing this. In this 'world' that crooks create online in the
auditory way, certain women are graphically described and then 'sex' occurs online as a way to
to get others interested in this. the target is supposed to be some married woman, or a woman
who is fat. or a woman who does not want to be objectified as part of a mental health syndrome on
display to 'show her' or 'to get even' with strong revenge motives attached to this behaviour.
2. Crooks seem to now attack women, but fat men were attacked in the past.
Crooks also want to degrade anyone who they know or suspect is part of the police or
people who do not have this orientation, with the 'expected result' of this particular type of

crime being to disengage the victim, or to cause mental depressionand things got worse and worse.
As a result of this and similar extortion related activity in Ohio, goals that would be
normal goals to reach and surpass, which would be listed herein, never occurred.

More could be written about this, but I think you get the general drift.

Thanks for listening! Regards,

Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Same complaint letter submitted to The Columbus, Ohio police

Sure enough, after submitting this letter to AAUW and The Columbus, Police, a man, who
was 'supposed to be' the man who was thrown out of the Bexley Library two days ago showed up.  He 'was supposed to be this, because he knew about the situation and this wa apparent in his thetoric.  Unfortunately, this was a totally different man, with lighter skin, also acting out.  His rthetoric suggested that he was part of a group or gang as someone
represented on my Facebook page - under the name of "Domino".  After the information about "Domino" was put online, someone added this eighteen (18) more times, so the same thing appeared nineteen (19) times.  Then, in the news today, was a crime reported.  This has to do with Facebook identity fraud.  This type of crime is to be expected, with crooks and others running around looking for trouble.

Also, today, St. Patrick's Day, three white young people dressed in black were holding a red long sign that said "Just Like A Good Neighbor - State Farm is There".
What crooks said in the past was that they did not have to listen to anyone and could die, get some kind of insurance settlement and then change their names to whatever they wanted as part of escheat.  An insurance operative was needed for this.  They dug up a weirdo - Jim Stiffler who I was supposed to date in high school. and went on one date with which had to do with my place of employment - Buehler's, and he had a resentment.  His dad Stan Stiffler was a hapless insurance salesman and they owned and insurance agency in Medina, Ohio.  My mother Donna, who is now Donna Reynolds, said that Stan Stiffler liked her but was married.  Jim Stiffler married Carolyn JONES and they got involved in hiring blacks, we think to get Jones Potato Chips going.  Part of the issue could have to do with Guyana Africa.  This is something I had control over?  Nope.

"A Resurrection Picture"
This photo looks like a club for females. 
Maybe they all die, then become someone else, and are
'beautiful models and actresses'
or crooks who stick together.

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