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Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is "Cornbread" - the 'Activist' group? by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Cornbread was originally a female police team who wore their hair very short and dyed the color of cornbread. 

Cornbread is also a 'white trash', marijuana advocacy group.  They are not called "Norml" or about Marijuana Reform laws but are gun toting tyrants, who go around a racketeer and insult police because instead of using the due process, and trying to get marijuana decriminalized and then legalized, they decided to be an important gang.  They are essentially laid off factory workers in type, with various scattered leaders. 

These people 'could' be a part of "Cornbread"
 Cornbread also seems to have some kind of sex offender issue that relates to 'masturbating'' or saying the word.

A crusty, slovenly Klansman named "David Nihlens" had this word 'masturbating' as his social policy issue.  He used to talk about it all of the time in meeting, and said that this was his way to disturb people.  His acting out had something to do with this, as seen and heard, and had to do with whatever else the man got involved in 'off stage'. 

In Ohio, crooks decided that they wanted to do development for the state a certain way. One of the areas that exists in this global dynasty is the might Las Vegas "elephant' where prostitution was legal for years. This is the same 'elephant' where people lost their lives, life savings, and got involved in various fraud and scam based areas. "Stars" from the Las Vegas cult were for some reason attracted to Columbus, Ohio to also be part of social policy influence here, to 'fill in the gaps' where women said 'no to sex' in marital and committed relationships. It is bad enough that crooks racketeered various Democrats and got involved in fraud strings (different people using one victim's first and last name) but this 'sex ring' also included a very smart and very covert kidnapping ring) and was a heavy influence in many ways. Social Workers in Ohio, who graduated from the Ohio State University, here in Columbus, were not helped, as Social Workers, like police, and others in the legal professionals, f.y.i. - are called 'mandated court reporters'. What this means is that if a case of importuning, or corruption of minors, as in 'old men molesting of having sex with underage women' comes up - the Social Worker is supposed to appear if subpoenaed as part of a job - or an ethics charge can be filed.

In Ohio, The strong KKK decided that men from their 'organization' were entitled to have sex with minors with out being bothered by prosecution and threatened with jail sentences, so worked hard to diminish Social Workers, and if they could, found a way to 'trade them' for real life hookers. The Ohio State University, at Stillman Hall - is where I graduated from and "The Office of Female Empowerment" located there is not helping matters. Contacting them at the mighty "elephant' which is Ohio State University seemed to do no good.

(It is currently 9:00 p.m. - and closing time here at the library, where I am a patron working on the Internet - not a library employee.)

Am I supposed to be around and alive? You Bet.
Are these kooks supposed to be locked up instead of being instigators? YOU BET!

But, this is my opinion and they seem to have the right to have Freedom of Speech.

to be continued...

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