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Friday, March 11, 2011

Under Investigation: "Quilts and their Patterns" - by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The below theme was seen as a poetic addition around a quilt hung on a wall
inside of a funding board room aka Greater Columbus Arts Council on the 22nd floor of
The Chase Bank Building
100 E Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio

"Dance sets me free"

"I thought I heard the Angels say
           Follow the Drinking Gourd
            The Stars in the Heavens
             gonna show you the way
            Follow the Drinking Gourd
For the Old Man
is Waiting
to Carry You"

This quilt is dark blue, with white stars.  It is a beautifully done quilt, with matching squares that tell a story.  The verse around the quilt is an excellent tie in to this artistic piece, which
appears to be African in orientation.  A cultural quilt would be this.

On another occasion, I saw a quilt, that was multifaceted, which is hung in the library at the Rochester, Minnesota Public Library, and is able to be seen online at  The Rochester Minnesota Public Library is located at 101 2nd Street, Rochester, Minnesota. 

"Library volunteer, Annette Sjolund, fondly recalls, “I was approached by library staff to help with a little quilt project.” Little did any of us know the project would grow into something much larger. We hoped to create a small piece of collaborative art highlighting our diverse community. Artists were encouraged to submit blocks for the quilt that—while celebrating their needlework and fiber art skills—would also recognize the larger diversity theme by reflecting their cultures and heritages.Historically, The Barnum and Bailey Circus had a clown named Emmett Kelly who was the witness t crime and murder.  Emmett Kelly became a hobo and a circus icon, and is one of the greatest clowns on earth or was.  The clown women's faces at the Dorothy Day house indicate the same type of thing.  In another area, women in particular did not receive their police hub salaries and were then supposed to be raped in Wooster, Ohio.  This is because of being part of the police in a mob related area.  Crooks from there then came to the Mayo clinic area, in Rochester, Minnesota and the criminals put themselves in "positions of authority over others, for whom they made bad choices".

"The response far exceeded all of our expectations. We received 55 blocks representing 40 different countries/cultures/backgrounds and a variety of needlework skills. Some artists tried to capture their perceptions or images of their home countries. Some represented a social group or organization that had become representative of their cultures. Others showed symbols of what they defined as their culture, such as a home language or a country’s crest. Each block has a story reflecting the artist’s background. Some artists learned the craft as a hobby; for some it was a necessity and for others, it was a family tradition. The quilt provides an opportunity for the artists to “chronicle” their journey, showcases their talent and recognizes that our unique perspectives can enrich everyone’s lives.

This endeavor would not have been possible without the dedication of our amazing quilters, Karen Koeller and Annette Sjolund, who spent countless hours bringing this vision to life. Their creativity in weaving 55 distinct blocks into a single piece of art is truly inspiring.

The Threads of Our Community quilt is an art project demonstrating that there is a place for all people in the fabric of our society. The quilt hangs in the main stairwell of our library as a commemoration of the diverse skills, talents and heritages found here in our very own community.

~ Rochester Public Library Diversity “Quilt” Committee

All of the quilt squares are distinct and special, and made a certain way, and
represent the texture of life with different characters.
The third quilt that I would comment on 
is at Dorothy Day House,
703 1st Street, SW
Rochester, Minnesota, 55902

That quilt would have to do with "Testimony and Fear",
because in Ohio and in other areas, crooks created problems for anyone who was part of the police.  People were supposed to be in fear and avoid the crooks, and the crooks then try to manipulate the circumstances.  For instance, Dorothy Day House is a 14 day stay shelter.  They actually want victims to participate in mob activity and live in qwhite slavery housing with people they do not know, have no employment, no jobs, and no life.  The "Testimony and fear" theme would apply here, as the quilt in the basement has a mjultitude of females in 'clown garb, with different hats.  The point is that "Testimony and Fear" is an theme which came from the
Barnum and Bailey Circus".
There was no Salvation Army or other common shelter there due to theft and misapproriation of funding.

Then, crooks were insistant on pulling people who had no interest in mob activity into white slavery to have to put up with the same type of thing again, or find a way to run away.

Quilts of the world is something that I could be contracted by the Mental Health Board here in Franklin County, or ADAMH in general to write.  Unfortunately, thanks to having to be stranded with crooks who kept wanting to impose their will on me and exert undue and unneeded control, circumstances became worse and worse.  Because our monies were ripped off, the crooks tried to 'fix this' by claiming that everyone but crooks running the cartel system were mentally ill, and this worked for a long time, because the people who had the ability to run away and leave these controlled circumstances and situation with the criminals did so.  In the case of a man I am observing closely, the man has extreme mood swings and his face even changes, as if several different people at the same time inside of one person.  He is questionable because he is an intelligent individual capable of manipulating others by doing this.  In vulnerable or very young people, who are victims, instead of the person being a crook, the ego actually splits.
I was an avid reader of
some of these mental health topics
and treatments and had
a home library, before becoming
affected by gang activity which
made me homeless and dependant.

The areas of interest that generally cause law enforcement people to become more fully engaged have to do with crooks acting out in various ways, which in cleaner systems are sanctioned and punished.  All of these things are part of a 'community's individual quilt' and make each community what it is. Criminology and mental illness have other ramifications and 'applications' for the crooks. 

When I originated "The Indigo Drum", before it became a victim of a hostile takeover and now has to be redeveloped using a different name, I am currently still thinking intently about how we could establish an interface between Social Work and Law Enforcement.  Crooks did not like this, and wanted "the Indigo Drum" to be split up of split off - in a schizophrenic way.  For instance, they got one whore who was supposed to use my maiden name, another who was supposed to use my married name, another who was supposed to use the name Kimberlee Bauer, and crooks who were supposed to take the project over in a black power type of way by having me evicted from my house because the locals in Wooster, Ohio refused to cash checks sent and claimed that they were 'fraud'; checks to further rob me and confiscate the money.  In addition to this, for the last 15 years I have no been able to find reasonable employment, thanks to unresolved abuse issues in Ohio.  This all was a stall and the state became schizophrenic and split off, with different hate groups taking over.  Governor Strickland, the last and the worst since no gubernatorial goals wee met at all during his term was not reelected, but was angry about this and decided that he was supposed to still be governor anyhow, and he and a crew then sabotaged the current governor of the state.  Recently, during a planned press conference, Governor Kasich did not have his web site available for the pres conference, so that questions and answers could not appear there ever. There was no black candidate run as governor, nor a female candidate, so this was not the issue, and both blacks and the Female Majority had adequate time to prepare for this and prepare and recommend candidates. 

Maybe a situation similar to the above went on before all of the hassles that are current.  If it did, it was covered up.  There was no news of a circumstance or a particular shooting that happened, but there was mention of a "Black Leader" being killed sometime in the ten year period between 1996 and  2006, and the individuals covered up this crime and acted like the people who heard about it were mentally ill.  Also, there was another 'police agent launch' for females involved in this mess, which was stopped.  Instead, crooks got into mob activity, and into "Sex With Slaves and other White and Black power issues. 

All of this is an important part of the 'quilt pattern' in addition to solutions which should still be upcoming.

A Splitting Apart
 I filed for divorce in about 1996 based on Domestic Violence.
Then, Crooks decided that I was not going to get a divorce settlement and that
a prosititute was supposed to use my name.
We have one son, Justin Jeremy Bauer who was affected.
I said that if my marriage was supposed to heal and we were supposed to get bakc together, that it would have happened.  It never did for whatever reason.
My exhusband was in a "created string" and made it impossible.


March 13, 2011

Today, At almost exactly 3:30 pm, I walked into the Bexley library, and sat down where there was noone and a black umbrella sat by itself.  There was a man who showed up and started mouthing off.  I told the man I though he was ignorant, and he continued with abusive rhetoric.  I got up and left, but the library staff removed the man, and told me that the police had been called.  While walking around after the incident, I noticed the book "Black Zodiac" by Charles Wright.  The book has many poems in it, but the most relavant to me and to the 'angry outburst incident that proceeded was this poem:

by Charles Wright

Sunday, September Sunday ...Outdoors
Like an early page from The Appalachian Book opf The Dead,
Sunlight lavishes brilliance on every surface,
Doves settle, surreptitious angels, on tree limb and box branch,
A crow calls, deep in its own darkness,
Something like the water ticks on
Just there, beyond the horizon, just there, steady clock...

Go in fear of abstractions...
                                                                                              Well possibly, Meanwhile,
They are the strata our bodies rise through, the sere veins
Our skins rub off on.
For instance, whatever enlightenment there might be
Housels compassion and affection, those two tributaries
That river above our lives,
Whose waters we sense the sense of
                                                                                                                late at night, and later still.

Uneasy, suburbanized,
I drift from the lawn chair to the back porch to the dwarf orchard
Testing the grass and the border garden.
A stillness, as in the passageways of Paridise,
Bell jars the afternoon.
                                                                                                                Leaves, like ex votos, hang hard and shine
Under the endlessness of heaven.
Such skeletal altars, such vacant sanctuary.

It always amazes me
How landscape recalibrates the stations of the dead,

How what we see jacks up
                                                                                                           the odd quotient of what we don't see,
How God's breath reonstitutes our walking up and walking down.
First glimpse of autumn, stretched tight and snicked, a bad face
Flicks in and flicks out,
                                         a virtual reality.
Time to begin a long division.

Source:  Black Zodiac by Charles Wright
The Noonday Press
Farrar, Straus, and Giroux
New York
Copyright 1997 by Charles Wright
All Rights reserved


A quilt in the Bexley, Ohio public library
marks their conservatism.
Black, White, and colors of grey are on a quilt on the wall which
people coming into the library can see at first glance. 

The quilt, which is by "Deborah Melton Anderson"
is called "Brown Tracking" (United Parcel Service)
It is made of discharged black cotton, and border is quilted w/ silk threads.  The quilt is 45" square, and has a black and white target in the middle.

The quilt is Beautiful.  I tried to include a link with a picture, but the quilt has no picture online.  
Fans will have to come in the library to see the quilt for themselves.

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