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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ohio State University and Sex With Slaves with a pictoral introduction by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

An award winning TEAM from
Ohio State University
with their trophy

YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS PART OF OSU                             

Trying to get people to be oriented toward
activism and appreciation of
Ohio State University  ........           AND THIS PART


Also taken on the OSU Campus

This is another part of OSU in addition to what it represents to people

This picture also was taken near or around the OSU campus

This one is OSU too - sort of like a Stephen King novel
together with other pictures from the same 'series'
...In more ways than people are aware of...

What Is Sex With Slaves?

Gordon Gee has been the President of OSU long after his term expired.  He is currently in his late 70's.
What are the implications?  Many.
Ethically, Sex With Slaves.....

...a fundraising program designed to 'empower' radical groups like the Ku Klux Klan and Black Power could end the man's life.  So far, this has not occurred.  Dr. Gee (who pronounces his last name Ghee - like melter better- was on television recently with his friend Wexner, also of Columbus, Ohio and proprietor of "the Limited Companies".  Gee seemed to not be around when he was needed, and on television, appeared to be old. mean, and still in office.  Sex with Slaves would have the man involved in a sexual tryst with a model or prostitute as his last wish on earth, and then would inject him to kill him.  Sex With Slaves is a "classified' fundraising program developed to 'get rid of problems' but created hostile escheat, killed people before their time, and got involved with placing people in positions of authority to benefit special interest group people, gangs, and radicals.  Is this an ethical program?  Dr. Gee was supposed to have been some part of the human organ transplants cartel/cult, but would adamantly deny this.  This, also is not very ethical when there are clearly other alternatives available to killing one human being so that another can live.  

                                                          ......Something to think about..... 

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