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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I try to help if I can. Arts Based Funding links - don't know how clean they are. But....


                        ...if you read my blogspot, then here they are as I have them folks...


                 Americans for the Arts
                    1000 Vermont Avenue NW
                    12th Floor
                    Washington, D.C.  20005
                    (202) 371-2830

                  Arts Extension Service
                     University of Massachusetts
                     Division of Continuing Education
                     602 Goodell Building
                     Amherst, MA  01003
                     (413) 545-2360

                     Foundation Center: New York
                     79 Fifth Avenue
                     New York, NY  10003-3076
                     (212) 620-4230

                Foundation Center: Cleveland
                     Kent H. Smith Library
                     1422 Euclid Avenue
                     Cleveland, Ohio  44115
                     (216) 861-1933 : Recorded information
                     (216) 861-1934: Office Phone number

                 Funding Center
                     5524 Conistone Court
                     Burke, VA  22015
                     (703) 503-5045

                  Grantsmanship Center
                     1125 W. Sixth Street, 5th Floor
                     P. O. Box 17220
                     Los Angeles, CA  90017
                     (800) 421-9512

               Individual Creativity Program
                     Ohio Arts Council (OAC)
                     727 East Main Street
                     Columbus, Ohio  43205
                     Phone (614) 466-2613

                Cultural Funding: Federal Opportunities
                     (site is currently being updated)

                      ADDITIONAL WEBSITES 

Artists Health Insurance Resource Center

Arts Wire

The Center for The Arts and Culture (DC)


Columbus Chamber of Commerce

                           Greater Columbus Arts Council

Guide for Charitable Organization Board Members

Internal  Revenue Service

Board Source


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