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Saturday, April 14, 2012

"The Skulls Gang versus The Johnny Blaze Gang" - Columbus, Ohio by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

A young 'gang' hangin out.  They look like anyone's neighbors!
1. Johnny Blaze
nickname given to Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan... also a clothing line from the 90's...

"Give back what his mother gave him, mother made him

and now she can't even save him, Johnny Blaze 'em"

"Who got John Blaze shit? "BLEEPIN my d***" to get famous

So I switch blades to Dangerous"

"I got these phat ass Johnny Blaze jeans cheap in NYC."

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2. johnny blaze

A name given to someone who is constantly smoking your weed but never contributes anything back.

He needs to buy a sack with his paycheck this week, BLEEP f***** Johnny Blaze.

He used to smoke me out; now he's just a Johnny Blaze motherfucker.
for helping the rest of the world 'keep up' with these things.
The Ace of Spades with a "Skulls love" sword

A skulls pendant

The Skulls

The Skulls gang has blue jeans with a skull on the back pocket.  Many skulls are young black men.  The skulls are very smart people and are very well trained.  
The advertisement for these Skulls Jeans says
"For All Mankind"


The Johnny Blaze Gang

The Johnny Blaze Gang burns things up - like papers in a wheelbarrow, like strip clubs, so that they could pick 'models' to represent other people, and make certain that the 'models' were never whores of strippers.
They are also involved in other arson reltated crimes in Ohio.  Their blue jeans say "Johnny Blaze" on the rear pocket.  They also have a singing icon.  Johnny Blaze played the guitar and sang, but after his performance at The Kentucky State fair three years ago where he literally set his guitar on fir to destroy it, and set his car on fire, he has been banned from performing.  The Kentucky State Fair Board did not think that 'Fire: the Element' was funny.

A black man with a non black , non-African name: (and
people wonder why we have so many state department issues!)

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