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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All About Kristen: by and Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Q.  Who was the worst visitor who ever darkened your door?

A.  It HAD TO BE 'Kristen from Wooster, Ohio.  This young singer looks a lot like her.  She was a friend of Justin Bauer's and was supposed to come back after the police were there to do a drug bust of him and his friends at our house.  She was mad and indignant and forgot her backpack and at the time. I was mad that Justin had to go to jail again, so slammed the door on her nose, then left a few minutes later.  I am Justin's parent.  His mother.  I guess I was mad in general.  Kristen had a scowl on her face when the door was slammed on her nose, and then came back a few minutes later, climbing the roof top to get into his room where her backpack was - and got her backpack anyhow. 

Now she is a big singing star. 

Alls Well That Ends Well.

What happened to Justin?  He is in jail again :(


From :

Kristin Hersh: Accessible and Off-Kilter

Kristin Hersh
Kristin Hersh.

Set List

  • "In Shock"
  • "Winter"
  • "Under the Gun"
February 21, 2007 from WXPN - As the lead
Since releasing her solo debut, 1994's Hips and Makers, Hersh has released albums with bands both old (Throwing Muses) and new (50 Ft. Wave), while churning out half a dozen more discs under her own name. On her new Learn to Sing Like a Star, Hersh sounds more energized and passionate than she has in a while. The disc finds Hersh crafting beautiful, emotional and raw pop songs that sound both accessible and off-kilter.

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