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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"A Gangland Crash of The US system" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

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Car Crash
Meteor Crash

Ocean Waves crashing to Lighthouse

A gangland crash of the US system occurred because of insurance fraud and resentment.  Goons were paid to support some "king" or "queen" by tapping into a money bank intended for an unknown purpose.  There were massive Federal shutdowns because of this and Companies shutting down.  This was supposed to be bikers with resentments but could also be some established gateway by which immigrants who did not want to be hassled by the government wee able to get paid.  Fort Knox, In Kentucky was robbed at one point.  Then, the crook was able to get their gang members paid, the gang members did not have to go to work, and their job was to find other gangs and companies and ares to destroy.  An informant was helpful is telling more about this "Happening" in the United States.  Nigeria was also attacked during this time period, and there was a full fledged war going on there which was supposed to not be apparent in the media. 

This situation including it's origin and impact areas needs to be investigated more thoroughly with a full staff.  Maybe this was done to fund hate crime groups, or maybe i was done to fund people in general, o maybe I was done to fund paramilitary 'police'.  At any rate, they missed funding me, if this was Eddie Bauer or some Bauer relative because I was just a mom or a son at the time.
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