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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Ethics and Questionable Behaviour or How to act for Dummies: A short primer": by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Freedom is dance versus...
...Menacing, just plain weird tactics and people

Consistently, crooks keep burglarizing people and then force them into some aspect of the human service delivery system in Ohio.  the point is to get rid of people who are excellent in their areas in favor of shyster activity or criminal activity using gangs.  This is inappropriate.  This practice, simply put. could be in the old "barkin' Dog of Hades" category.  It is unfair, victims cannot overcome this 'hole' and climb out, and there is nothing that the victim did to fall into the hole to begin with.  The practice in Ohio, or on the computer network which  reaches Ohio, seems to be this in part also,
1.  I am better than you are so am entitled to do this.
2.  The person is offensive and is eating up everyone;'s money
3.  The person is creating personal wealth and a financial deficit for others.

(I am in stone broke Appalachian poverty because this practice has gone on for so long, and I am tired of this affecting my life as it has.  If this type of crook disappeared from the intellignece network, I for one would not be particualrly sad.)

To correct this problem there should be a law developed allowing people to be introduced by paid, stable people on the Internet system, who have excellence in some area or are part of Community Development. 
For example,  there is locally an excellent tennis player who should be introduced who is part of a large employment field.  She is excellent in her area, but instead of introducing her. 'bitches' come on and cause trouble, as if they really do not know better, so they are being instructed in addition to the Governor of this state, and Congressional representatives being sent this letter of informance.  Insulting people on the network sounds like a foreign operative, but this is supposed to be someone from the United States.  Too much time is wasted doing this.  There was also a woman who was at Trinity Episcopal Church on Sunday as part of a couple.  He played hand drums.  She was involved in modern dance.  In the restroom at the library, there was a bright green brochure about "Tippy Toes", a dance class for very young children.  THIS is relevant. 

These 'bitches' were supposed to be part of Nigeria, and were angry about crooks starting up wars in their country before.  Now, this is supposed to be Sara Palin, or some other do nothing principle who is offensive and a time waster.  Their idea of 'excellence' before was to degrade me, others,. and get a prostitute online to masturbate over.  I don't think this is good social policy, but was done to laugh at women who were more competent.  Why are crooks supposed to get the written word about how to act when they battered others to death, put death threats on people, and were generally part of bad and disruptive behaviour for years to decive, rip off, and create animosity and crime?

Because it is the ethical thing to do "First".
                                                                                                                     Kimberly! :) 

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