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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Columbus,Ohio Cocaine cult - Another Howling Good Day" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

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I am having a current problem with housing thanks to being a prior victim of crime in Wooster, Ohio thanks to crooks. I have no interest in having to date blacks to be housed, getting a housing extension at Faith Mission, become employed, or get housing for people in general.

I have been at Faith Mission since August 1, 2011. My fiancĂ© has been also. He was able to get an extension to stay longer until he gets money to become a cab driver. I was not able to get an extension to get involved with the IMPACT program, which a caseworker from Faith Mission recommended that I apply for. I was told by the “Appeals Board” that I was supposed to be mentally ill or get no extension. I was supposed to go to Southeast Mental Health Services, which I never have been at, to not be evicted from the shelter. I was also told to do intake and get into Rebecca’s Place. A blonde caseworker did my intake and said that 22 women were ahead of me. The thing is that I worked for Columbus Area Community Mental Health Center, and also for Beacon Agency when I was here in Columbus, Ohio before and was married. I think that crooks are at it again, and this is retaliatory abuse, based on complaints being filed against them for various reasons. Because of crime, I really do not have another place to stay, and they know it. In fact, my ex-husband, Jerry L. Bauer, now deceased, worked for Harper Industries, here in Columbus, Ohio, a minority Company. I worked for Beacon Agency here in Columbus, a black foster agency. A foster parent sent a black foster kid out on the streets to sell crack cocaine and a black woman hit my personal vehicle, a silver Nissan Sentra with a Franklin County MR/DD van when I was on my way home from work. This event, which occurred in 1995, caused myself, my husband Jerry L. Bauer, and our son Justin Bauer to move to Wooster, Ohio. More abuse continued there, and He and I got divorced. Now, I am in a position of vulnerability, and crooks appear to be retaliating.

I was told that I may not be able to get into “Rebecca’s Place”, an affiliated agency, on September 1st, but to wait in the lobby intake center of Faith Mission and to be there between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm that evening and that they take people from there to Rebecca’s Place if there are openings. The point is that I am being abused because of being a Social Worker/informant in this cocaine case, part of which information is above.

I am not sure what to do next.

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