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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Date the Crooks, said crooks from organized crime. This is where the thing led: by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"The Great Depression"

I am interested in the CSAP fellowship and the application is tomorrow. The fellowship is located at I have no money to enroll in college at this time, and because of an organized crime ring have not been able to reattain employment. Is there funding available? The cost is only @40.00 but I have been out doing field work and have applied o thousands of jobs.  The crooks want to racketeer people, and I have not been able to get employment because of them.  If I had the money for the admission fee, ?I could have earned my PhD by now, as I qualified grade wise a long time ago.  I am divorced but was Bauer when I graduated in 1990.

Only $40.00 to pay the initial application fee to get back into college at OSU , but I have no relatives to ask for help, am not married, and have to now depend on myself and whatever public assistance is available. I am staying at Faith Mission, but they are evicting me on September 1, 2011 because they are running a 30 day program and I do not have a strong advocate, and have no idea how to even come up with $40.00 without working.
New Resources in Ohio for Women

1. Third Frontier Internship: @
A hand of the beggar
A paid internship available through the state of Ohio

2. for enrolled OSU students.


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