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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Seeking A Job In Government Relations or something similar by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Seeking a job in Government Relations or something similar.  I am attractive, somewhat athletic, legally trained, a degreed Social Worker, white, a person who thinks outside of the box, and more than able to fulfill the requirements of any job,

                                                                         I am

                                         Not affiliated with Calli or any other drug cartel in any way... (Including the prostitution part) 

                Wooster, Ohio was not my hometown but a place to live at the time for me.

Resume is below:

Allied Churches of Alamance County Shelter
206 N. Fisher
Burlington, N.C. 27215
(336) 298-3288: my cell phone number
(716) 479-4527: fiancé's cell phone number Рleave message
(206) 203-4349: computer voice mail – leave message
Prior Married name - from 1980 to 1996: Kimberly (Kimberlee) Bauer

Facebook: under Kimberly Koerber - I am the cartoon face wearing a hat and glasses.
Writing Website - (still under development):

Appeared in the Who's who book under the name of Kimberly Bauer for writing achievements.

To be gainfully employed with an industry or agency or freelance so that I can utilize prior knowledge and experience attained; to establish a mutually beneficial, challenging career relationship; and to continue to add to my educational, experiential, and knowledge base. I am interested in relocating. For the last year, and part of the year before, I gained field experience in a few states to deal with interior issues innate to Ohio for years. A writing project for the Federal Reserve is due 2011. Since burglary ruined my life in 2007, I now work from the public library. My writing site is I am a member of the Episcopal Church and have been my entire life.


The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
Bachelor's degree in Social Work - 1990
GPA was 3.68 on a 4.0 scale in major area (Social Work)
Licensed Social Worker in Ohio from 1990 to 2008
*Continuing Education in the Social work Area from 1990-2010 at the rate of thirty ceus' every two years.

Recent Workshops taken: November 2009 to present - Management Certificates in Quality Management; Organizational Leadership; OSHA Workshop: Workplace Safety; The Customer Driven Organization - Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio

The Interactive Resource Center - Job Skills Training - May 2011

Most Present :
Self employed writer/researcher

Wooster, Ohio
"The Indigo Drum"
* fielded Wooster, Ohio area during government crisis.
* was the caretaker of my ex-spouse who was in a wheelchair
thanks to Multiple Sclerosis and maintained employment - and ran an agency called "the Indigo Drum" from my home (1997 - 2007). I became a victim instead of being able to get funding for the agency. Bankrupt agency shut down. :(

* Beacon House - residential treatment center for women - Wooster, Ohio - Social Worker

* Beacon Agency - Columbus, Ohio (Bauer)
Caseworker in Foster Care

Madison County Hospital - London, Ohio - Adolescent Treatment Wing - Field Liaison was position

* Columbus Area Community Mental Health - Columbus, Ohio
Caseworker in Mental Health

* Caretaker to spouse in wheelchair (Jerry L.
Bauer) stricken with Multiple Sclerosis and other medical ailments - Wooster, Ohio (Koerber)

* Ohio State University Social Work Field Placements: (Bauer)
a. Columbus Health Department: Columbus, Ohio
b. Franklin County Children's Services - Columbus, Ohio
c. Franklin County Legal Aid Services - Columbus, Ohio

* Meals on Wheels volunteer - Akron, Ohio (Bauer)

* Suicide Prevention Hotline volunteer:
Medina, Ohio (Koerber)

* Ran educational playgroups for my son when he was very young to enhance his socialablilty with other children and meet woman with children - Alliance, Ohio, and Dover, Ohio. The playgroups moved from home to home.

* Contribute daily to my blog spot called "Born To Be Miserable",
*Canvasser for Mayor Coleman and the Democrats-
door to door polling and running campaign literature
for November 2007 election - Columbus, Ohio. (Koerber)

*Got door to door signatures on petitions to get the Ohio Casino Project on the ballot, Columbus, Ohio.(Koerber)

* Wrote a book called "Gangs and Me: A Tale of Terror - My real Life Story", which became a victim of piracy and abuse - and was on the internet as a site, but was removed by crooks.
* poetry
Wooster, Ohio

*Demos for food products at Wal-Mart and others, also focus groups (marketing) for west side
Columbus, Ohio Market Research Company

* Ohio State University - Drs. Kilty and Richardson: (Bauer)
Field Research for private study on retirement and gender

* Hart Research: Akron, Ohio (Koerber)
Telephone Polling

* Ameridial: Wooster, Ohio (Koerber)
non-profit fundraising on phone for various contract
entities that Ameridial had

* Interior Plant Specialists: Columbus, Ohio (Bauer)
horticultural technician in field with various accounts

* Appropriate Solutions: Columbus, Ohio (Bauer)
Market Research

* United Parcel Service: Columbus, Ohio (Bauer)
Cross trained clerk while in college

* Spray-A-Lawn: Akron, Ohio (Bauer)
Secretary - Internal Customer Service

* U.S. Census Bureau: Columbus, Ohio and Wooster, Ohio (1990 and 2000 censuses) (Bauer)

Also: experience for different temporary agencies in
various capacities including:
*accounting clerk
*data entry
*teletype clerk
*switchboard operator
*file clerk
*per diem factory labor
*driver of vehicles for Auto Auction

*Kroger Grocery Stores, Inc. (Koerber)
6900 Bardstown Road
Louisville, Kentucky

*One Force Staffing (Koerber)
1155 S. Fourth Street
Louisville, KY 40203

*Labor Ready (Koerber)
1584 E.10th Street
Jeffersonville, Indiana

*Labor Works (Koerber)
3206 Preston Highway
Louisville, KY 40213

*Marketing Research of
Kentuckiana (Koerber)
1250 Bardstown Road
Louisville, Kentucky

*Extension Staffing Services
Market and 15th Streets (Koerber)
Louisville, Kentucky

*United Parcel Service
Louisville Air District - 226
Louisville, KY (Koerber) part time peak season
employee until December 31, 2008

*Whirlpool Corp
1300 Marion-Agosta Road
Columbus, Ohio 43213-2435
(206) 203-4349: leave message

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Episcopal/Anglican Church Shield in blue
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