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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Cum Park Plaza" in Burlington, NC by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

They named this shopping Center to cause area degradation to begin with in Burlington, NC.
The plan is working.
Cum Park Plaza
                                              2290 N. Church St., Burlington, NC, 27217
                                                             Tags: shopping center
                                             Venue Type: Mall/Shopping Center/Market
                                                                    Creator: fwoody

This is an example of stu[pid development that we found here in Burlington, NC.  The thing is that there is a Cum Park Grill there, which is a greasy spoon on the 'degraded' side of this outdoor mall - shopping center.  Not far from this greasy spoon indoors is a tanning parlor business (still open) and a store that sells long wigs for women (still open).  The back  and hidden part of the shopping center has vacant storefronts (about 10 or them) and a 'cracked up' parking lot back there.  Sadly, the only grocery store for miles is in the front (street view) part of this sad shopping center.  Think I am making this up?  Why not visit this 'fine' development area and see for yourself.

The people who developed this look like they are trying to attract prostitution and sound like the same kind of imbeciles who affected that entire area.  This is supposed to be humorous. Ha, Ha. :(  Cum Park Plaza made it to an online entity called "College Humor" though.  Why?????

This place is a black eye for Burlington, NC.  The do have a post office ther in the front part of the shopping center and other viable businessses, but why develope a shopping center with a name used to cause crime, prostitution, and gang activity to find Burlington?  Right now, there are articles being submitted about nearby Greensboro, NC which has an epidemic of burglaries on the east side.

I don't think using the name of a 'sexual climax' for a shopping center was done by accident based on the other things that are there to be seen now. 

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