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Friday, June 10, 2011

Open letter to the House of Representatives - Senator in Burlington NC and others...

"Song Sung Blue", everybody know one...
"Song Sung Blue" every garden grows one.
by Neil Diamond

I would like to represent the point of view of "Victims of this Mental Health fraud". I became supposedly schizophrenic so that a crook, according to IRS, could collect $13,000 in disability payments. I never received treatment or saw a penny of this. This is a scam that rips people off also. Then, the person has no money, has street hits put on them, and cannot find a job no matter how hard they try. If the victim is female, they are advised to "Get Married" to change their name to something else. I am from Ohio, and this is another Legislative type of issue. Thanks for listening to a victims point of view.


Kimberly! :)

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