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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jerry Bauer died of kidney Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

In need of a field of "Lucky Clovers", friends, and God to get through all of this!

I just came back from Gastonia, NC and talked to Justin, in Gastonia jail.  He is now a tall large man, who they made into some kind of police agent, then dumped in jail.  He said his dad died of kidney failure in Florida.  He said he has a sentencing date on the 28th of the month.  Father Bauer from the Catholic Basilica, in Minneapolis, MN, part of Eddie Bauer, was notified.  I have no relative to go to and did not pick being stuck with no job or life thanks to political corruption,  This problem started when Justin left with his friends from Wooster, Ohio where we lived, and Jerry left with his brother and our dog Ebony and stranded me there.  I had trouble with gang activity there and got evicted and have not had a decent job since then. I have no money and cannot afford to hire a lawyer for Justin.  He claims that his Uncle Ken Bauer (his dad's brother who Jerry left with) died also, but did not talk about the circumstances.   

I need employment.  I think  Jerry had a Federal check.  I think that this is part of the issue in Ohio and may have to go with the Nigerian conflict that they managed to keep out of the media and press. I was not even there when my husband of many yeas,  who I was divorced from dies in the hospital.  I never had the opportunity to mourn his death or cry at his funeral.  I thought I would see him again after he left. 

Eddie Bauer is definitely part of the southern textile industry where a lot of jobs left.  I think I married the problem, and my son does not deserve to be stuck, either.  People acted like this was our fault and turned their backs on us in Columbus, Ohio. I could not find a job there, yet  I graduated from The Ohio State University there. Right now, I feel sad, and have no idea what to do next.  I have no field of lucky clovers, or good friends to be able to get through this.  But, I do have God.   

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