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Monday, June 20, 2011

"A Man of Mystery with a Favorite Song" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"Friends or one feasting on the other?"

A tall stately Englishman, with a pronounced English accent, who was complaining about abuse ruining his life is a man of contempt when it comes to his wife, a woman who gained an expensive house at this poor writer's expense.  The poor man now has to be a homeless man staying in shelters thanks to this unfortunate condition.  The Mystery man has a favorite song which was passed to me eventually:

Lady in Black
She came to me one morning
One lonely Sunday morning,
Her long hair blowing,
In the Mid Winter Wind.

I know not how she found me
For in darkness I was walking
And destruction Lay around me
From a fight I could not win.

She asked my name, I told it
She said the need within some men
To fight and kill their brothers
without thought of love or God.

So I asked her for horses,
To trample down my enemies.
So eager was my passion,
To devour this waste of Life.

But she wouldn't think of battle
That reduces men to animals
So easy to begin, and yet impossible to end.
For she's the lover of all men,
And counselled me so wisely then,
I feared to walk alone again
And asked if she would stay.

Oh Lady Lend your hand I cried ,
Let me rest here by our side,
Have faith and trust in me she and filled my heart with life.
There is strength in numbers,
Have no such misconception
For when I leave you be assured, I won't be far away.
And as she turned and walked away,
I could not find the words to say.
I stood and watched until I saw her black cloak disappear.

My demons hath done turned away,
I fear at what I may say
My labour is no easier,
But I know I am not alone
I find new Heart each time I think upon that windy day.
And if one Day she comes to you,
Dig deeply from her words so wise
Be encouraged by her passion and Prize
And Say Hello from Me.
Uriah Heep
Ken Hensley .....Keyboards
Mick Box...........Guitar
Dave Byron........Vocals
Lee Kerslake......Drums
Trevor Boulder....Bass

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