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Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Ethics, Ethical Complaints, The State of Ohio, and NO ACTION" by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

"If a tree falls down amoung others in a clearing and no one responds, did it really fall?  NOPE

June 19, 2011

I am really tired of fighting with moron types of people about things that they do and don't do.  In a case I encountered with a woman , Ann Higgins, who had legal support which came from family members, the woman and others worked for an agency in Ohio - Madison County Hospital' Adolescent wing, which did not really serve the clients.  They at the time giggles through the staff meetings with the excuse "We are just stoned!" - hahahaha.  London Prison was located in the same county.  The county was broke, and the Head Start clinic for young kids was being disintegrated because of funding problems while this was going on.  I got to be the victim of bullies thanks to things like this going on at a place of employment.  Ohio still does not have marijuana legalization, or decriminalization but people like this exist as staff among Appalachian types to cause and start trouble among these groups.  Then, this Ann "Piggins", who was supposed to be getting her Masters degree at the time decided that she was supposed to have some kind of intimate relationship with our wing supervisor, named "Eric" who was not that great to begin with.  Eric apparently had affairs with tramps before and apparently had issues in his life, so because I had to get Eric's approval to enable a move of a youth from one location to another and "Piggins" was in his office, "Piggins" started saying that I was like Eric's wife, or was Eric's wife.  The point is that this is a work related situation that did not go well.  My position as adolescent school liaison was grant funded by the state of Ohio.  Piggins started a negative impetus there and the problem grew worse in Ohio.  Piggins then was able to move onto another job, but because of abuse, this was a negative reference in my life.  This situation had nothing to do with me, but with this "Piggins", a yo9ung whore who served to cause more unrest and abuse in that county which already had London Prison in it.  This young "pig" is an example of the types of people that working professionals encounter to make their jobs harder, yet this young 'pig' did not suffer at all.  This is an example of a 'pig' who is not even close to the police 'pig' type and is extremely unethical, and yet negatively colors a career path.

If you are in a Klan controlled state (the Klan being predominately old men, many of whom are married losers) this type of 'development' takes off, and such was the case in Ohio.  The old geiser who is supposed to be part of administration is then supposed to limit or control, thanks to getting a 'piece of ass' from a slut who most people do not respect.  Then, in certain cases like this one, someone else is blamed for this mishap, or the situation is reframed.  Instead of getting legal counsel in this situation, I gave notice and quit.  

"Piggins" then claimed that I was jealous of her because her 'job' was to manipulate the situation and 'distract' the hired Supervisor "Eric" (so that he was not responsible either) and cause trouble at that place of employment presumably to get the marijuana  issue through.  This sad situation happened in about 1994.  As of now - 2011, there had been no progress in regard to marijuana legalization or decriminalization and around the OSU campus, there are many varieties of legal marijuana sold as incense, named "White Witch", "K3", "K7" and others.  Last summer, in addition to this, Ohio had a big problem with a witch cult, whose goal it is to get marijuana legalized, storm the State House, since part of the State House is rented out to private parties for cocaine parties.  This drug ring is popular and the counter side was not built up appropriately.  This melded with the music industry because many musicians use various drugs as part of their culture.

Causing this situation was fun for the perpetrators - they did not do anything illegal they claim and are being protected.  Now, it is up to everyone else to clean up after this "large party".  Instead of having responsible gubernatorial leadership come into Ohio to stop or arrest some of these problems, we had terms of do-nothing male governors who were engaged in embezzlement while this other "party' side applauded.  I am just an ex-wife and not part of the mob group, but think that things like this are disgusting.  I did not cause any of the trouble that Ohio currently has - but people like "Piggins" did, and then they run away or become involved with people who protect them.  This type of situation is what I was trying to avoid and called "Mob Activity" also.  In addition to this, I am not part of any elected position on Ohio - just an unpaid police agent who was an observer to this, and to the fact that I was unable to get any kind of normal job in my life thanks to the negative influence of crooks being there.  To be honest, gubernatorial leadership in states either controls things like this based on policy development or promotes this bases on inactivity.  This is why Taft, Strickland, and others were criticized but were not impeached by the state of Ohio.  Both men were able to serve their four year terms and were sad about being told that they would not have the opportunity to be reelected for another four year term.  This ridiculous situation is not a contrived story - but the truth, and is now part of my life experience.

Any Federal hub project, or agenda was always shut down or ripped off in Ohio - even a project that resembled a Federal Hub set up - because of the strong influence of organized crime being there in Ohio. 
This is why people get frustrated and leave.  I also wrote so many complaints and delivered some of them in person to government agencies during this that I felt like a waling complaint, and my quality of life suffered.  
This is the ineffectual government that people feared.  Adjoining or neighboring states said that Ohio's mob influence affected them negatively, and caused undue tension and trouble.  This problem ws known about for years, and Congress and State Representatives were also the recipients of complaints, yet nothing changed.

Did I pick this?  Nope.  But someone or some large group needs to pick this to work with.  In states where elected officials are also incompetent, then what? 

Time to move, and NEVER return. :(

Looking for paid employment that matters. :)

P.S. - This is an example of what 'female empowerment' was in Ohio 

Maybe the "Wizard" will be able to look in his book and come up with the right answer...;)

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