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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brinks and The Barbie Gang. Could this be them? (Informants have done stranger things) by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


What does this...

plus this (a Barbie Doll)...

plus this...

Police and po9lice agents in the last decade have not been paid in many cases, or reinforced, yet someone ran a prostitution based program which featured a woman who was arrested for prostitution many times in Cleveland, Ohio - Go-go Lizzie.  Liz wanted to tell people that she was a 'Barbie doll'.  Brinks and other armed cars are there to be seen in many cities, yet Organized crime funding, and a ring which eats money, along with missing children, seems to be uninvestigated.  In addition to this,crooks wanted to run an organized crime ring, including a prostitution component, using my and my name.  Then crooks were supposed to alienate me, and keep moving forward.  Because of this crime buddies ring, I have not been able to become gainfully employed for a long time, so I keep stopping this.  Stopping this was supposed to be laughed at, if the victim was online telling crooks, because in my case, crooks wanted me to be a 'white squirrel" or a menatally ill person to ignore.  This theft ring, which seems to use a ploy including prostitution and "Armoured Cars" in various areas may also be responsible for shutting down corporations and funding hate crime.


Rats (like the rats that crooks put in my house in Wooster, Ohio for project hee-haw)
A Dell computer being delivered in a box...

An Unknown Tennis star

Maybe "Sex on the beach"...

"Whoever we are, we don't look like homeless cows who were victimized by tragedy."

********************************************************************************  - Additional interesting research about prostitution although this one does not include harassing female police againts and pulling them into no payment, tragedy
and abuse.

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