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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Want to know about bedbugs, as they appeared as Columbus News Channels stars?

The following is an article written to the "Medical Marijuana Dispensary" area of (online):

Even this "inner spirit" pictured
needs relief from 'pests'

I currently live at the Motel One - 3190 E Main Street - Columbus, Ohio. My fiance will not change rooms. We both became victims of some kind of 'itch'. These bedbugs are not really large, but are small and are "red spider' types. "He" found a couple of them on the bedclothes which look more like little spiders with eight legs than bedbugs. This type of bedbug was a 'star' on local news channels here in Columbus, Ohio, who called them 'bedbugs' instead of little red spiders. The point is that if we change rooms, other rooms may be infested with them. In fact, Motel One Management was not noftified about this, because my fiance pays for the room and does not want to move for some reason. I have no source of income it is either 'THIS' OR THE LOCAL SHELTER.

The red spider marks are not as large as the marks pictured in another area of "".  They are much smaller and like a pattern of 'hives' They appear intermittently on the skin. THE 'HIVES' are individuated and separate and are in a pattern that is irregular. This 'rash' could also be an allergic reaction and an all purpose antihistimine helped WITH ITCHING THAT GOES ALONG WITH THIS TYPE OF "BEDBUG".

Lessons Learned:
* This is another form of slavery: having to put up with bedbugs thanks to not having freedom of choice.

* These little red spiders were also found as part of another area's issue "come to think of it" and had to do with red spiders being shipped with marijuana, so I heard.

* Pests are pests (in general)


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