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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another scam: "New USA Funding": "submit credit card number to be considered." :(

Below is a real summary statement which is part of an application that I wanted to submit, but couldn't because I really am broke.  The application fee is $29.00.  The organization is online and is called "New USA Funding".  Their website is  This is another example of grant funding available for women and others effected by an out of control situation caused by the state/federal government in Ohio.    In other words, there are few if any legitimate resources available that I have encountered.  The state was trying to get people to sell their police/intelligence i.d by 'hook or by crook' to enable foreign gateways, which then caused a was and shutdowns, yet is still not willing to admit that they were the damaging party in this. 
Application Question Summary

Citizenship Status: U.S. Citizen

Types of funding areas you are interested in?

Education / Tuition Personal Assistance

Business Research

Housing Real Estate

1st Time Home Buyer

How much money do you need? $100,000 or More

Describe what you will use the money for:

I have no "anything" at this time. I am interested in reestablishing a business, getting a vehicle, and relocation. The state of Ohio caused a great deal of loss and was not interested in compensating victims of crime. Instead, we the victims, were supposed to "have to" live in old, shared, slavery housing as some kind of punishment. Crooks took properties and gutted the inside, making many bedrooms per house which were shared with others, and made this 'free housing'. Then, victims were supposed to participate in mob or criminal activity as forced coercion. The state of Ohio also found ways to rob police, and refused to pay people their hub salaries, in an effort to continue to force federal shutdowns and hostile escheat of corporations and entities to run 'cocaine' and other illegal drugs with a known 'confidence' gang. The matter is under investigation. I was operating a business from my home which had to do with investigations in an abusive area, which was my ex-husband's hometown. I was also abused by my ex husband who did not want to provide financial support or a divorce settlement, with his friends. In Ohio, they established illegal terrorist gateways and kept trying hard to shut down the intelligence system, to avoid being sued. I was not able to become gainfully employed in Ohio thanks to identity fraud, and am looking for a total "restart" in all ways. Any amount of money would be helpful, but I selected the highest category listed on your pull down menu with 'great expectations' and prayer. :) Happy Holidays!

What unique things would separate you from other applicants applying for this money?

I am inventive, creative, and versatile, and would like to have a copy of the criteria that you established to judge people who "stand apart from others" before answering this question.

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