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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Why not get really thin, Kim?": Unanswered Questions about Battery, Drugs, and Eating Disorders

"Stick legs - red shoes, and someone else's life."
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 by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Q.  What research is current (within the past few years) using case studies as they relate   to Ohio's Calli drug cartel, and eating disordered clients with cojoint battery issues? 

A.  Here is a good site about this eating disorder:

Here is another:

And here is a third:

Another issue that became part of Ohio's culture is battery, verbal, mental, or physical with an eating disorer and chemical dependency component.  In doing a quick overview of research available about this mental illness with a battery component attached, I came up with nothing this morning. 

There may be additional resources about the topic, but there are few of any self help resources available.  The American Nazi syndrome and the need to be 'perfect' is part of the illness here, and in additon to this, the need to control others and not be empowered to do so is another issue. with the "Cocaine America" cult, a criminal social policy movement.

Internationally, this was illegally funded based on 'rip-offs'  and created crime, including but not limited to fraud.  I
n addition to the above being an article on "Born To Be Miserable":  (, this was sent to:
Garrison and Associates, Inc.

4701 Olentangy River Road, Suite 201
Columbus, OH 43214
614.273.1400 (phone)
614.273.1401 (fax)

via email today, Febvruary 15, 2011.  They are with The Addction Studies Institute, at The Ohio State University, The Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio  with a web address of

I don't have all the the answers but they listed above are part of The Ohio State University, one of the Big Ten Universities in the United States, and a listed Columbus, Ohio resource and 'teaching hospital'. 

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