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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What is "Sex With Slaves"

"Sex with Slaves" is an Ohio based Development program based on abuse and degrading people who are part of intelligence.  it includes gross sexual imposition and is called "Sex With Slaves" because the victims are then supposed to be involved in some kind of housing (like an old house which has been torn up and now has many bedrooms in it - of course unmarked - where the recipients cannot receive mail) where crooks get paid Federal funds.  This is the kind of 'fun' program that Ohio developed before everyone in Ohio but the "cartel" were supposed to be mentally ill - aka another Ohio borne racket. 

"Sex With Slaves" was given a cute name, but is another reason that Governor Strickland, the Governor of Ohio for the last four years was not impeached, but not reelected, as it is the trend in Ohio within the government sector. 

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The opinion has to do with one type of "Offshore Drilling - the above short article is an example of another type of "OffShore Drilling", also known a Racketeering.  "We The People" object to both types. 

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