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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Just One More Level": The Taliban transplants itself to U.S. Policy Issues

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

“I have an interest in Pakistani issues”, he said as an excerpt from his sermon.
Date: September 5, 2010
Place: Christ Episcopal Church
Diocese of Eau Claire (also)
Ninth and Main Street
La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601
Stated by: The Reverend Canon Dr. Patrick P. Augustine, Rector, also known as “Reverend Patrick”.

“Reverend Patrick” says he has been in The United States for thirty years and has been at the same congregation, named above for the last eight years. He was born in Pakistan, India.

In Columbus, Ohio, where I was right before going to Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rochester, Minnesota, and now La Crosse Wisconsin, there was a married Indian couple, he – a short, smallish man, she a slightly overweight woman with a beautiful face and a long black braid which hung down in back. This couple is from a specific family in India with many members and both can be seen, after sundown, wearing a small red dot in the middle of their foreheads. They live at and manage “The Hometown Motel” on Harrisburg Pike in Columbus, Ohio. The city bus line, known as COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority) has been shut down to a degree and does not travel as far as "The Hometown Motel". The bus stops at the bottom of Harrisburg Pike in Columbus, Ohio, also known as the “Central Point” stop. Other individual members of the same Indian or Pakistani family manage other low priced motels throughout the Columbus, Ohio area and obtain driver’s licenses or id’s of people who want or need to rent rooms in the area. In Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic, unique housing includes group home housing where unrelated single adults, all United States citizens are housed in a single home where they, “the roommates” share the house owned by someone else. This is not ‘listed’ housing but housing which is known about by The Community Outreach Team that Dorothy Day House, a listed Rochester, Minnesota shelter uses. This Community Outreach team is actually employed by Zumbro County Mental Health Center in that area. I was told that this is the only housing available for free by the very same crooks in a group who created the homelessness to begin with, and “Zumbro County Mental Health” is clearly not the county’s Social Services area, but a mental health center. The residents of these group homes area all supposed to be listed by someone, as are the houses, which are allegedly receiving Federal funding – not through the Department of Housing and Urban Development – but directly to the landlord or owner of the house. This is occurring in an area known as the human organ transplant area which is run by Mayo Clinic. The people who live in this housing are supposed to all be mentally ill. The rumor is that this group is “Bauer Power”, also the group funding Eddie Bauer and other Bauer companies, by obtaining organs if needed, and this transplant industry there is up and running – not unconstitutional or illegal. The Taliban says that their interest in this is that they want peace. The Taliban says that they do not approve of the Human Organ Transplants cult which sprung up around the well known Mayo Clinic. The Taliban has been around for a long time and lately has been ‘in the news’ for various reasons.

A fire red robe, with a sunburst design, was found in a Columbus, Ohio discarded in an East Main Street Laundromat trash can and was washed over and over again, but still had a slight smell of human sweat after all of the washing. It was well washed and folded and then donated to clothing room of The Dorothy Day House, 703 First Street, SW, Rochester, Minnesota 55902. For ‘some reason’, someone took the fire robe from the clothing room but was not interested in completing or doing the investigation that went with the robe. An Active human organ transplants cartel in Rochester, Minnesota which is ‘around’ the World famous Mayo Clinic may be the problem here or the problem may in reality be that this is another moneymaking opportunity that the Taliban wants to become involved with also. This is a current situation that seems to include principles from various areas and is ‘supposed to’ be another covert operation, but not a United States Federal hub.

The human organ transplants cult is illegal because to obtain certain organs, like a liver for instance, or a heart or lungs, one person has to be killed to enable another to live. Yet this area has not been shut down or ruled as unconstitutional. Instead, in Ohio, Minnesota, and other states, crooks set up circumstances so that holders of driver’s licenses are asked if they want to be organ donors and then this information is recorded on the back of individual licenses. Rochester, Minnesota is also not very interested in hiring ‘police types’ in general in their community for ‘some reason. One man, named “rick” who we talked to lives in a hidden area year around but supposedly collects disability, but has been set on fire, has had numerous injuries over time, and has no other home but Rochester, and o real safety there. In the two months I was there, I put in numerous job applications because I have no source of income, and the result was that crooks wanted to steal my clothing before we left that area.

Also, in the Siemens Building of The Mayo Clinic, the tallest building there, there is a “temporary professionals hiring office. (The Siemens building is a historic building which has been there for years and was never altered, taken down, or changed.) A pretty, young, blonde woman came out of the ‘temporary professionals ‘office when I was there and I asked her what kind of temporary professionals are hired. She said “Doctors”. I looked at her, she at me, and she was not joking about this, and did not smile at all, as she walked away.

People think that this type of cult does not exist or that it exists in some Third World Country, but there it is – in Rochester, Minnesota – a “moneymaking opportunity”. This very large organized crime ring with participants from many states is clearly profit centered. Rochester, Minnesota also has another unique type of housing, marked as “Transplant hospitality Houses”. Some of these “Transplant Hospitality Houses” are marked; others area not. I talked with a couple of nuns who were volunteers at the Dorothy Day house, which is a marked 14 day stay shelter for anybody, and they said that the transplant houses have people who are awaiting a ’matched’ organ, and that the residents there have their own bedroom, own bathroom (which is sometimes shared with others) and their own kitchenette for cooking. Those awaiting organs are sometimes seen walking around with hospital gowns on. While living there at Dorothy Day House, a young, attractive man came by and sat at a picnic table with us and told us that he was there with a good friend, a 52 year old man who recently received a liver. He was walking outdoors and was recovering. There was another man who was giving out twenty dollar bills there at that location and holy Catholic cards. He said he just got out of the hospital and has been diagnosed with cancer.

Rochester, a seemingly peaceful town also has an underground tunnel system which is right below the Mayo Clinic. The underground tunnel system is well developed and has retail stores and even a McDonald’s Restaurant there. The Episcopal Church we attended in Rochester, Minnesota, called “Calvary Episcopal” is a historic church, built in the 1800’s and has a lively, dynamic service and is supposed to be an NPR church. Some say that this cult, with one part being there around the Mayo Clinic area, is the “Christ’ s Last Days” cult. Crooks continually try to grab and put into service people who do not want anything to do with this cult but who need jobs and/or a source of income. I do not think that God’s Will is really this large “monster cult”, yet it is there. Why not a Federal hub instead used as a Federal threat? Maybe this is still another reason that black leadership called a “Summit of blacks” from around the world, in Louisville, Kentucky about three years ago.

Informants also say that the marijuana cult, and its protectors also known as “Kentucky’s Kornbread” and by other names, was supposed to be responsible for killing Federal agents but they claim they were not involved in this.

While writing, I noticed a woman seated very close to me with her red hair in a pony tail, wearing glasses. The back of her t-shirt said: “just one more level…just one more level…just one more level…
(etc). As in attaining a higher level political launch, or more money in ethical issues like ‘the morality of profit” Apparently, people just can’t, or don’t know when to stop and want to keep ‘winning’.
(This is an article that I wrote when in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  I returned to Columbus, Ohio about four weeks ago.  Today's date:  November 11, 2010.)

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