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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A New "Whig" and Abject Poverty by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Money Laundering in Ohio took a bad turn when people were swamped with 'fake emails' worth millions of dollars telling the recipient that they won.  Crooks in Ohio found a way to cash these in, but advised others that these checks were fake and that the recipients were 'mentally ill" as part of a racket in Ohio.  One method is to use 'dirty bankers'.  The 'dirty bankers' were there to tell people that received checks, even legitimate checks received for journalistic efforts and other things were fake as the development of a "Whig" shelter for sale or to bid on.  Bankers used the victims name to cash or launder these monies through the bank, using the victims name, but the victim was never given a dime. 

People who receive emails that say they are this winner of a grand amount of money are now being by FBI and other authorities to please donate these million dollar winners to local churches or synagogues instead of playing games with crooks or deleting them, because  many of these items seem to have state department problems associated with them.  

If you receive a check from a known source and the bank plays games and the check is worth thousands, not millions, you, the receiver, are advised to file charges against or prosecute the bank.  This 'dirty banker scam' is an old scam in Ohio which is still going on.

In addition to this "Whig for Sale" formation issue going on in Ohio, crooks decided that complainants here in Ohio were supposed to be mentally ill to enable this fraud scam for many years, so going to local government agencies did no good.  Victims have to go to out of state agencies or report these crimes from there in order to prosecute these offenders.

Preferred Whig colours in Ohio were blonde, by the way. 

Governor Ted Strickland is no longer in office.  "The Whigs" could be another Strickland based development plan in Ohio along with "Sex With Slaves", also destructive to the people of Ohio and females in particular. 

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