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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fear and Testimony

Here in Bexley, Ohio is a strip mall right across the street from the Local Jewish Temple on E. Main Street.
The mini strip mall contains various small stores, plus local others like lawyers, Social Workers, Massage Therapists, and Insurance people.  I noticed at the "Hat and Sole", the shoppe owners had jewelry that I identified as mine from a burglary in Wooster, Ohio in part.  I am supposed to be afraid to say anything about this, because "I can't prove it".  But, I notied, nonetheless.

The end of the small strip mall , which has a sign on the door advertising Chodosh Law Office
                                                                                                             Margulis Group
                                                                                                             Leonard Real Estate
                                                                                                and        Stephen M. Handler Companyhas a wooden statue in it, of a man from the waist up, with his palm extended.  The statue is made of the finest polish wood.  The man is looking at his palm, which is extneded, and in his hand, jokers put a plastic bottle of hand sanitizer. 
This man looks like Doug Hearst from Wooster, Ohio.  Hearst has many tales to tell, and is supposed to be part of Ohio development, instead of ignorant, mean, crass, abusive people. 

Cher won the Best Actress award at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival for her portrayal of the mother of a son with severe facial disfigurement. What is the name of that film?

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