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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Barbie or "Barbee" Fraud game - and "What's New Now"

by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
( I tried to put photos of "Barbie dolls" here, which curently are called 'Shang-hei Barbie Dolls') but was unable to.
The complaint detailed below: word for word was filed along with my address and phone number on the following site today (Devember 1, 2010) :
I have been a victim of fraud and abuse because of getting into an abusive marriage. I got divorced in 1995 from Jerry Lee Bauer, with one son, Justin Jeremy Bauer, who is now a missing person. I met "John Drilling"after being evicted from my house in Wooster, Ohio. He was staying at The Salvation Army Shelter in Wooster, Ohio after I got evicted, and is currently a cabdriver for ACME cab here in Columbus. I think is a similar fraud to what I got stuck with before. Part of this fraud is detailed on my blogspot called At this time, crooks keep "launching" people into new cars, new homes, and jobs they want while I remain stuck. Complaints have been filed with FBI, the Columbus police, and others to no avail. I am isolated and stuck and want to be able to have a car and some belongings again. I do not know why I am supposed to be a victim of a continued Ohio fraud. The fraud 'used to' involve strippers who were whores selling drugs either at clubs or out of their car or cabs. The scam is ruining my life, because I am, stuck in this police 'auditory" mode, and the police are doing nothing about this scam but enabling it. I have no job, make no money, and am scared. The police Know that I am stuck and have done nothing about this. I think that this is a horrible way to treat ex-wives, especially since i got no divorce settlement and cannot run away from Ohio easily. I have no home at the age of 52 and want desperately to leave Ohio. I think the way crooks dealt with complaintants about before this was to say that the complaintant was suicidal and then put a street hit on them. I survived this, also. My prior married name was Bauer and I reverted back to my maiden name of Koerber, generating a triune last name: Koerber-Bauer-Koerber. I have no money and cannot leave Ohio at this time, but would like for the abuse to be stopped. I have had to put up with organized crime abuse like this most of my life, and in Ohio, crooks like to tell victims in this intelligence or auditory mode that they are "nuts" and are "hearing voices", while the abuser continues to be abusive. As I said before, This current scam "used to" involve whores, in particular this go-go Lizzie whore. This is because this woman's name was "LIZ" and she had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and was someone who was supposed to keep being helped. There were many go-go Lizzie types who looked alike. This is a "Barbie doll"

type with no breasts, who 'always wanted to be a model. This woman appeared on stage rubbing her vagina against a stationary pole that held the stage up, as detailed on my blogspot called "Born To Be Miserable". Now, the scam involves all kinds of other women who are getting paid via some source to be able to actually have lives. This scam also involves crooks coming onto our auditory mode and calling me 'fat' or some other name and then trying to trigger me to use cocaine to 'get thin'. I really do not get to meet these people, but saw one version in Medina, Ohio named Teresa Ernie who was a whore to my bother and all of his friends, but not yet a stripper or

'street whore', then saw with my ex-husband this "Liz" whore on stage in her 'rubbing' act, then at another point in time saw two whores at "The Top of the Town" restaurant here in Columbus, with long blonde hair when my husband, my son and I were having dinner. This is the same husband who would not pay me a divorce settlement.

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